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The great thing about a marketplace is, it always tells you when you’re missing the mark.

Ricochet, for instance: we know we’re providing a useful and valuable service, but we also know we need to do better. Our customers — you — tell us that. When we launched the new site, memberships plummeted. When we got our act together, they picked up steam. We’re now growing about as fast as we were before the Great Migration.


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I’m traveling in Europe, and find that the combination of iPad + free wi-fi means that I end up reading the entire NYTimes and WSJ and Financial Times. At home, at most, I’ll skim all three.

Skimming, in fact, is the subject of this excellent piece in the NYTimes Sunday edition.


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Barack ObamaHaving blogged for some time now, I understand that there are partisan divisions in the political blogosphere, and I understand as well that they are here to stay. That having been said, it is worth noting—as James Oliphant does — that port-side bloggers are acting as publicity agents, apologists, and all-around hacks on behalf of the Obama Administration to a degree not seen before. Certainly, the administration of George W. Bush never benefited from the presence of a similar cyber-praetorian guard acting to advance its interests.

Read the following excerpt well, and note that there are a host of “journalists” who act more like one would expect paid White House staffers to behave. And boy, do they get the benefits that come with toeing the line:


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. A Brief Research Bleg, or, the New York Times Could Use a Hand


Continuing its usual theme that corporations are wicked, that the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision will undermine democracy, and, well, blah, blah, blah, today the New York Times presents a story on a company that makes all its corporate contributions to Republicans:

The political action committee of Flowers Foods, a Georgia company that produces the pillowy sandwich bread [Wonder Bread], Tastykakes and Nature’s Own baked goods, has given more than 99 percent of its political contributions since 1979 to Republicans. Only three Democratic congressional candidates have gotten money from its PAC since 1984, and not one in the past 20 years.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. New Yorkers Fail Economics — Rob Long


It sometimes seems like the New York Times does a piece about rising real estate prices hourly. The components are almost always the same: rising prices, high demand, tight availability. (The NYT tends to see these things as distinct from each other, rather than interconnected.)

Usually, they’ll pick a “typical” New Yorker — read: a friend of a friend of the reporter — as a peg on which to hook the piece. 


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Just now, on the home page of the New York Times, these competing headlines: Ukraine Asks U.N. for Troops as Militants Defy Deadline More

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Timothy Egan’s St. Patrick’s Day Famine Pretzel — by Matthew Hennessey


It’s come to this.

The New York Times’ Timothy Egan used his weekend column to link America’s modern Republican Party—in the person of Congressman Paul Ryan—to the nineteenth century Irish famines that killed more than a million Irish people and led to the emigration of maybe a million more.