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Join Jim and Greg as they break down the very significant revelations about how Twitter suppressed the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020. They also unload on President Trump for demanding to be installed immediately as president or for a new election through “the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.”  And they rip on the Democrats too as incoming House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries repeatedly called into question the legitimacy of Trump’s election in 2016.

Meet FBI Agent Steve Friend


This week, you may have missed this blockbuster story by Miranda Devine in the New York Post. It’s labeled as “opinion,” but it reads more like a report from an investigative reporter, which she is. If half of what former FBI agent Steven Friend alleges is true, the top of the FBI is indeed a corrupt place, and its cancer has spread to field offices.

After Miranda, author of “Laptop from Hell,” originally broke the Hunter Biden laptop story in October 2020 – just before the election – fifty former intelligence agency heads and experts rushed to exclaim, “Russian disinformation.” Facebook, other social media sites, and major news outlets rushed to censor it. Twitter suspended the New York Post’s account. Each signatory has jettisoned their credibility, if not their integrity.

Member Post


“The Constitution requires that the president ‘shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union,’ The Washington Examiner began its editorial this morning following one of the most forgettable “State of the Union” (SOTU) speeches in modern times. “From President Thomas Jefferson to President William Taft, this communication […]

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All Eyes on the Legal System, Again


You are forgiven for being distracted from the slow-motion train wreck unfolding before our eyes as it descends upon the US Capitol. Why watch politicians arguing over a massive inflation-inducing, pork-infested spending package wrapped in a looming debt-limit crisis when you can watch jury trials? At least it may be more fun to watch than more media and government fear-mongering over the Xi – excuse me – Omicron coronavirus variant. We must not offend our would-be overlords.

Two verdicts last week affirmed our jury system. Everyone knows that Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal was followed up by the convictions of three Georgia men in the murder of Ahmad Arbery. The winner was justice; the biggest winners may be the jurors themselves, who at least in the Rittenhouse trial withstood attempts to intimidate them. Kyle is a winner, too, but he will suffer consequences for many years to come.

Violence Against Police on January 6th


The New York Post tells the appalling stories of two police who went to assist at the Capitol and were savaged by the rioters:

Officer Michael Fanone was on desk duty last Wednesday when he decided to join his fellow officers at the Capitol to control the rowdy mob, but what happened next, he says, was unimaginable.

Small-Town Girl Makes Good


O, for those lovely mornings in Connecticut! Say friend Mark, do you remember the scones and the coffee and the milk — and the saunter across the lawn to retrieve the NY Post!

O, the proud vulgarity of those headlines! The freedom of a free people!

O, for the subtle study of the hierarchies of celebrity worship — the intrigue and court-like circles of obscurity and silliness and sin! How accurate their nameless information, how true to life their tales of intrigue…

Out of Chaos Comes Order (?)


HillaryEven Werner Heisenberg would be shaking his head at the unpredictable mess that is election 2016. And consider this; we may not have seen anything yet. In today’s New York Post Charles Gasparino offers this tidbit:

FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain that presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private email server, career agents say. “You don’t start granting people close to Clinton immunity unless you are seriously looking at charges against your target,” one former official told me. [… Some] FBI staffers suggest the probe’s at a point where Comey might quit in protest if Justice ignores a recommendation to pursue a criminal case against Clinton.

If Hillary is criminally charged and is required to suspend her campaign, the internal strife for Democrats will make the current GOP family squabble look like a meditation circle.

Join Ricochet; Get in the New York Post


“Okay,” you may have said. “So there was that one Ricochet member who was on Fox News last week to talk about a post he’d written for the site. Stuff happens. Big deal.”

Well, stuff happens a lot around here. On Thursday, member John Kluge wrote a piece explaining how he — a life-long conservative — has come to support Donald Trump. It caught our editorial staff’s eyes and was promptly promoted to the Main Feed, where it quickly garnered over 300 comments and a lot of great conversation. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Two days and a few emails later, this happened:Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 9.01.08 PM

Gone with the Wind Needs to Go


gone-with-the-wind-scarlett-ohara-rhett-butler-pic-5 But what does it say about us as a nation if we continue to embrace a movie that, in the final analysis, stands for many of the same things as the Confederate flag that flutters so dramatically over the dead and wounded soldiers at the Atlanta train station just before the “GWTW’’ intermission?

The above didn’t appear in The New York Times or Slate. Nope. It appeared in the New York Post. I’ll give you a moment to emit a gentle sigh of regret about the ironclad nature of O’Sullivan’s First Law.

GWTW would never be made today. The story, characters, and dialogue speak of a time and place that has mercifully passed into American history. Even if you can dispute the film’s racism, it undeniably displays a cavalier attitude toward slavery and the lives of American blacks during Reconstruction. Even the most robust of viewers must wince a little at several moments through out the film.

The Invaluable New York Post


MoronsThere are certain times in the life of a newspaper when opinions need not be confined to the editorial pages (of course, certain papers — looking at you, New York Times — took down that wall of separation a long time ago). The New York Post correctly intuited that the marriage of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian — a sort of ouroboros of cultural decline — was one such occasion, and penned a suitably sharp-elbowed wedding announcement:

ALERT (yawn): Kimye Weds

Two jackasses got married in Italy Saturday.