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I never jumped on the Bulwark hate train. Specifically, I never jumped on the Bulwark hate train because I never read The Bulwark. But today, out of morbid curiosity, I decided to pay the site a visit. I’ve taken my seat, and I can’t wait to leave the station. Preview Open

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They Write Reviews, So You Don’t Have to Suffer


Thank you, Douglas A. Jeffery for your article in the Claremont Review of Books. I read it earlier this week and rolled my eyes so hard, they still hurt a little. Good grief! It’s amazing the incredible vitriol that some so-called “educated” people maintain for Pres. Trump.

“One sure sign,” Frum writes, “is when the president tries to bypass the executive branch that exists to serve him.” This is a Catch-22 worthy of the British sitcom Yes Minister: an elected leader trying to bypass the bureaucrats thwarting him is proof he needs thwarting.

For Trump


To make it clear, I will vote for Trump in November, waiting until Election Day to mark our absentee ballots. I am a firm believer in having an actual day for voting, instead of the months-long smear that is now the practice.

However, this missive is not for the purpose of examining our current election practices, but to make the case for Trump as I have come to understand the matter. I did not vote for Trump in 2016, mostly because it was not clear to me what his policies might be. Sure, there was the “build the wall” issue and other matters but at the time it did not seem to make a coherent whole.

The Carrion Class


The coalition now aligned against Trump shares something. Many, if not most, profit from human misery. At the same time they are isolated from the effects of human misery themselves. This is doubly true for the most vocal among them.

They are rarely individuals who produce things. They are not those who raise crops, fish, ranch, extract minerals, work in factories, or engage in construction. In large numbers those folks support Trump. Those who oppose Trump are not the men and women who repair machinery or maintain our infrastructure, haul goods, collect the trash, or clean our streets. Again, the folks with dirty jobs largely support Trump.

They are not those who protect others at peril of their own lives: the military, firefighters, or police. Some of those running those institutions – the ones with desk jobs safe from the consequences of being on the sharp end – oppose Trump. Most of those who actually risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, each day to perform their jobs will likely vote for Trump.