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There’s No Going Back – Ever


We can never go back to the “good old days.” That was a thought that occurred to me today, and I realized how that fact—and I believe it is a fact—defines not only how we see the world, but how we see our political reality. It colors how we see those who agree with us, and those who vehemently disagree with us. I also realized that all the Trump/Never Trump arguments are not really about Trump at all. The people who get stuck on either side of that conflict are struggling with something else entirely. And realizing that truth, with honesty and sincerity, might actually bridge the seemingly insurmountable polarization that has plagued this country, particularly the Conservatives, for years.

Think about it. There is no denying that life today is vastly different from the life we experienced, say, 20 years ago. And many people have a predisposition to living lives that are relatively predictable, familiar, and consistent. When they have occurrences that disrupt that predictability, they can feel beleaguered—life has turned upside down and has let them down in a way, so that they become confused, stressed, and even angry at the new and unanticipated outcomes. They feel betrayed and disappointed, and once they wrestle down these reactions, they are ready to go to war. They can decide to fight for what they once anticipated for their lives, demand that life return to some kind of normalcy, and rebel against those who think they should be prepared to go in a new direction. Even if that direction has some merit, they will reject it because it is not the life that they expected or desired.

I propose to you that this mindset evolves from that sense of life’s betrayal, and Donald Trump has become the scapegoat for those who reject Trump and life’s demands.

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I opposed Trump during the 2016 primaries because of my conservative principles. Why? I thought he would violate them. Almost all of them. I thought Trump was a lefty who would pull a Schwarzenegger on us as soon as pressure was applied. I voted for Trump in the 2016 general election, because of the alternative, […]

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Your questions were so good that Jim and Greg decided to take on three more today! In this edition, they address why supposed conservatives not only refused to support Donald Trump but stopped advocating for conservatism and openly embraced the Democrats while insisting they are still the principled ones. Then they discuss who they would choose as their running mates, with the condition that they cannot choose each other. Finally, they talk “Die Hard” – you knew it was going to come up! This time they are asked to rank the films in the series from best to worst.

Adam Kinzinger Beclowns Himself


From the moment Illinois Republican Adam Kinzinger enthusiastically offered Nancy Pelosi his services in support of her hyper-partisan show trial (the January 6th Committee),  he has drifted ever further to the left, renounced his previous “principled conservative” positions, and metaphorically forsaken his Republican wingtips for a big red floppy pair of progressive clown shoes.

His effusive praise of the perjurer, Cassidy Hutchinson, is but one recent example. “Cassidy Hutchinson is one of the most brave and honorable people I know,” he gushed. Meanwhile, the brave and honorable Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony has been solidly debunked. The salacious story of Trump grabbing the wheel of the presidential limo was completely made up, she did not write the note she claimed to have written, she claimed to have had a conversation with another staffer who wasn’t even at the White House that day, and Trump did not order the removal of magnetometers outside his Ellipse rally to let in more of the crowd.  One can only guess that perjury and the admission of hearsay evidence are now congruent with the “rule of law” Kinzinger and his fellow Anti-Trumpers have been prattling on about.

A Petulant Kevin Williamson: Trump Deserves No Credit for the Dobbs Decision


Hoo-Boy. Roe v. Wade was overturned last week in no small part due to Trump-appointed Justices Comey-Barrett, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch. If Hillary had prevailed in 2016 (as Never Trumpers would have preferred*), all three of those justices would have been replaced with ideological clones of Ruth Bader “Populations We Don’t Want to Have Too Many Of” Ginsberg. (Which, incidentally, means the gun rights and religious schools cases would have gone the other way as well).  The Babylon Bee brilliantly as usual captured the spirit of the thing.

Schmidt Versus Gabriel; Who Do You Got?


Never Trump likes to think of themselves as the thoughtful, reasoned, and above all principled(TM) alternative to MAGA. They are the wise, diplomatic Picards to MAGA’s boorish James T. Kirks. Which makes watching Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt’s descent into madness so compelling. And the most recent target of his outrage is our own fearless leader, Jon Gabriel. Who, according to Mr. Schmidt, is “a Christian Nationalist … an extremist and a fascist.”

The backstory is here. The TL;DR version is that Mr. Schmidt gets very, very testy when people point out that one of his Lincoln Project co-founders, John Weaver, had an unsavory interest in teenage boys and that this troubled the rest of his Lincoln Project cohorts about as much as teaching five-year-olds about gender ideology bothers Disney executives. After this and another recent Schmidt Twitter tirade against Sarah Palin (whom Schmidt called a “nut ball”) and Meghan McCain whom he called insane; Mr. Gabriel gently recommended Mr. Schmidt should perhaps seek help. And it was this that prompted Schmidt’s “Christian Nationalist, extremist, and fascist” riposte. Mr. Gabriel handled the insult with the class and aplomb we have come to expect.

The Bulwark (Once Again) Endorses a Democrat


The “Reagan conservatives” at The Bulwark really hate Ohio Republican senate nominee JD Vance.  (“Trump’s Hillbilly” — they literally called him that.) So this morning, Bill Kristol and fellow Bulwark Operative Tim Miller endorsed his Democratic opponent. “If you voted for Matt Dolan, a totally inoffensive Republican in this primary and don’t want literal authoritarianism advanced by a charlatan who is at the mercy of Donald Trump’s whims go ahead a sign up to support inoffensive Democrat@TimRyan.”

Why ‘Grooming’ Is Le Mot Juste


Sanctimonious Anti-Trumper David French went on a tear yesterday defending his Democratic colleagues from being labeled “groomers” over their opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law and defense of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s slap-on-the-wrist sentences for child pornographers. French and other stalwarts of “principled conservatism” like Charlie Sykes and the Bulwark are very upset at this slandering of their noble leftist colleagues and paymasters. The word “groomer” they insist, is slanderous.

You would think that people so closely associated with the Lincoln Project would have a better understanding of what constitutes a groomer. “Redefining grooming and slinging false accusations of sympathy for pedophilia is pure malice,” French rages, never having displayed quite this much pique at Trump supporters being labeled “Nazis,” “fascists,” or “insurrectionists.”

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Neither conformity nor non-conformity are value propositions in and of themselves outside the context of the object or the impetus of the subject. To do as others do simply because others do is no more informative than not to do as others do simply because they do. The problem with conformity today as it reaches […]

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It appears that Trump has again driven his opponents crazy. I realize that for some, that’s not much of a stretch. But there does seem to be a sickness in the land and it’s in his opponents and not in his supporters. From the four illegal FISA warrants to the FBI Director repeatedly lying to […]

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Show this list to your Trump-hating friends, if they’re still talking to you. The list is shorter than it would otherwise be, for that purpose.  The list is limited to verifiable things that were done by mainstream Democrats, and that an honest leftist would agree were wrong (or at least silly.) It’s for the latter […]

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The Left’s Path to Ruin


This is what a losing campaign looks like. The Democrat party, who never took a full accounting of their 2016 disastrous election, who have been mollycoddled by echo chamber blue check marked journactivists™, who spent the last four years digging for phantom truffles Adam Schiff swore he saw in fake Russian dirt, who enabled rioters, arsonists and violent looters to burn down our businesses and cities while diminishing our heroes — have awoken the usually disinterested moderate middle.

If the current trajectory continues, November 3 may be the Democrats’ day of infamy. What only a couple of months ago would have been unthinkable may actually be happening; the Left is taking the path to ruin.

Much of November and December will then be filled with post-mortems of Election 2020 (assuming we are not awaiting corrupt mail-in ballots). If the Oberlin graduates who will pen these hindsight pieces wish to actually write something relevant beyond the redundant “deplorables, racists, and misogynists, oh my!”, they may want to understand why (if the election were to be held today) the Orange Man bad fad will continue another four glorious years.

Conservative Swamp Creatures


Listening to a podcast by Jonah Goldberg it suddenly dawned on me why the guy is skeptical of Trump. As he said on the podcast, he has lived in Washington D.C. most of his life. He worked in think tanks there for years and all of his friends are government or political wonk types. He goes to all the big insider parties and functions. Most of the guests he has on the podcast are DC insiders, often second or third generation Swamp Creatures. He’s a Swamp Creature.

I have no doubt that he’s conservative and smart, but apparently he’s a Swamp Creature first and foremost. In fact, after a little research, I found that many of the other prominent conservative Trump skeptics are similar. They’ve been in and out of government in DC and/or work in this or that conservative think tank or publication. I expect that their first loyalty is to the place from which they draw their sustenance. Any threat to that is going to evoke a visceral reaction. And we all know what Trump promised to do and is doing with the Swamp.

The Political Martyrdom of Donald J. Trump


Thursday’s impeachment inquiry vote went down as expected – the only crack in the partisan divide came on the Democratic side where two representatives, Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey and Collin Peterson of Minnesota voted “no.” The frothing-at-the-mouth opponents of President Trump were downright gleeful. But the anti-Trump forces might be well to heed the immortal words of Sir Humphrey Appleby from Yes, Minister, “If you’re going to do this damn silly thing, don’t do it in this damn silly way.”

The closed door, locked in the basement, no questions allowed from the other side is a bad look. If they wanted to design a procedure to bolster the President’s witch hunt claims they couldn’t have done a better job. Then there’s the Bulwarkian cheerleaders on the Right, awash in the money of Leftist activists such as Pierre Omidyar, cementing the view that his foes within his party hold the ordinary voter in disdain and only cater to the donor class. “They’re coming after me,” Trump said at the recent Values Voter Summit, “because I’m fighting for you.”

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Chad Benson of Radio America celebrate a positive July economic report, as unemployment drops to 3.9 percent and the economy adds 157,000 jobs. They also criticize The New York Times for hiring reporter Sarah Jeong, who made racist comments about white people. And they break down reporter Bill Scher’s unappealing offer for Never-Trump Republicans to join the Democratic Party, as long as they accept that their policies will not win.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enjoy watching Democrats publicly feud over how prominent the impeachment issue should be in 2018.  They also shake their heads as the Seattle City Council tries to fight homelessness by taxing companies $275 for every employee if the business makes more than $20 million per year.  They fire back as Never Trump “Republican” Steve Schmidt says Trump’s decision to embassy is only a calculation for the midterm elections and that the president has blood on his hands from the violence along the Israel-Gaza border.  And Jim offers a champagne toast to mark the passing of prolific author and National Review friend Tom Wolfe.

The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem


Regarding President Trump, there are currently several divisions on the Right. While not including everybody, these probably cover most:

  1. Trump was my guy all along. MAGA!
  2. I voted for someone else in the primary but with serious reservations and crossed fingers, I voted Trump to prevent Hillary. Policy-wise, I’m pleased.
  3. I didn’t vote for Trump, but the economy, courts, and geopolitics seem pretty, pretty good.
  4. Never Trump. Ever. Never eva!!!

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles (and cigar-group friend) penned “Can We All Finally Admit Trump Is A Good President?

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

The Rose


It’s morning in the Garden of Eden:

Adam: Hey Eve, I have a present for you. [He hands her a rose.]

Pitfalls, Stupidity, and Danger – Kurt Schlichter on 2018


Kurt SchlichterAs we conclude a year where the news never stopped breaking, we are happy to welcome back Kurt Schlichter, one of the most prolific writers today. As a columnist at Townhall.com his articles are a must read, as well as his fast-paced books which can be found on Amazon.com. Kurt is the author of the novels Conservative InsurgencyIndian Country and People’s Republic.