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Putting the “Social” Back in Social Media


shutterstock_326771273I’ll admit it: I love social media. It’s opened worlds we never thought possible, much like the internet itself. Connecting friends and family while providing an endless supply of baby, kid, puppy, and prom pictures (whether you want to see them or not). It also provides first-hand accounts of live breaking situations and news, faster than we’ve ever had access to before.

What I’ve come to realize over the last several years is that not only do people use social media differently, some have no interest in the social aspect whatsoever. While we read posts all day long complaining about how social media stinks, that is a reflection on those users themselves. Ouch. Was that too real? Let me slow it down.

Before we had social media, we had blogs that zillions of people read. With the invention of the social network Facebook, things changed. Not you could quickly find others who shared your interests from all over the country. Blogging groups were formed along with friendships.

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I have some specific questions about relabeling (old, off-patent) drugs and filling the distribution channels for a relabeled drug that is being used for an off-label use.  It is quite lucrative, but while my partners in this are experienced in medicine, we don’t have the specific knowhow in this area. Ricocheteers who may be able […]

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