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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Some Lives Matter: The Bizarre Politics of the Modern Democratic Party


NN15_OMalleyAs Ricochet member Doug Kimball mentioned earlier, Bernie Sanders brought his moldy message of 19th-century economics to Phoenix this weekend. The Vermonter joined fellow presidential candidate Martin O’Malley on stage for Netroots Nation’s raucous townhall event. When I typed the previous sentence, autocorrect changed “townhall” to “downhill” which is a decent summary of the progressive confab.

While former Maryland Governor and Baltimore Mayor O’Malley was answering questions from moderator (and illegal immigrant) Jose Antonio Vargas, African American activists jumped on stage, grabbed the mic, and “shut [expletive] down” to use their elegant phrase. Fellow activists cheered, others booed, and while O’Malley grimaced, the chants of “black lives matter” drowned out any message the candidate had planned to share.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Progressive Education Panel Offers No Solutions, Only Outrage


While at the Netroots Nation conference in Detroit last week, I attended a few panels on public education. I’ve kept up to date on the school choice movement for the past few years, but hadn’t witnessed an anti-choice meeting for quite some time.

Compared to the education reformers’ message of optimism, enterprise and fresh thinking, the Netroots discussions seemed like an alternate universe — and a grim one at that.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Netroots Panel Launches Effort to ‘Take Down’ Conservative ‘Stink Tanks’


featured_NN_logo_13288A panel at the recent Netroots Nation conference called on progressive activists to “take down” a network of conservative non-profit organizations.

At an official session titled “Stink Tanks in Your State,” speakers denounced the State Policy Network, a coalition of “independent, non-profit, market-oriented, state-focused think tanks.” The presentation was part of the ninth annual Netroots Nation conference, the country’s “largest progressive gathering,” which was held in Detroit, July 17-20.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. ‘Creating Oneness’ through Progressive Comedy


Netroots Nation is an annual conference for online progressive activists. Over the past few days, the group held their ninth annual event in Detroit — America’s finest example of unchecked liberal policy.

Unbeknownst to the organizers, I attended the conference to see what the other side thinks about economics, education and the midterms. If their presentation on comedy is any guide, conservatives don’t have much to fear.