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A couple weeks ago I was told by an unlikely coworker to watch a show about a drug addicted orphan girl who played chess. I doubt I was able to hide my incredulity. Fast forward a few nights and my wife and I were trying to decide what to watch on TV. Doing our normal […]

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Whoa, whoa, whoa … Stacy spent how much on her daughter’s haircut? And Teri’s fixing to fight back against the chaos dividing our country, but how? Are Dads the answer? Also, the ladies have some Netflix suggestions, but beware, Stacy’s are a little bit risque!

Writing on Oscar Movies


This was the year of Scorsese, even if only two people say so — the three-Oscar-winning writer-director-producer of the four-Oscar-winning Parasite, Bong Joon-ho — and me. Tarantino should have swept the Awards, but the Academy still desperately hopes that a sufficient number of sufficiently clever and sentimental auteurs will save cinema from the twin evils of Disney, perpetually snubbed, and Netflix, perpetually snubbed despite throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at winning a Best Picture Oscar.

Recent victorious auteurs include the insightful, but irresponsible enemy of liberalism Jordan Peele, the uninspired, sentimental Guillermo del Toro, his more insightful friend who’s absolutely clueless about the world we live in, Alejandro Inarritu — to say nothing of the other moralistic winners based on the hope that finally Hollywood will fix America’s race problems: Green Book, Moonlight, 12 years of slave…

It’s Christmas in Zambia with Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield as they review the new Netflix movie, Holiday in the Wild, starring Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis. Lyndsey is the chief Zambia Correspondent for A Christmas Ham, having gotten married there just a few short months ago to a hunky man with dreamy eyes (whose name is not Rob Lowe).

Can You Live Without Your Smart Phone? Would You Want To?


This stems from a PIT thought. How much do you really need your smart phone? How much has it supplanted other devices, activities, or things in your life? Would you be willing to give it up, either mostly or entirely? Do you want to give it up? What is it that you use it for?

With China and its vicious police state, endless and inescapable facial recognition, and concentration camps, maybe it is time we re-examine our own willing feeding of “the cloud.” How much do we do that’s really even necessary on our phones, or is their convenience so very much of an improvement that they’re a necessity? Do we have too much connected online already?

ELISHA KRAUSS is back! She joins Lyndsey Fifield for a hilarious conversation about how to pick TV shows that are safe for kids… and safe for adults. Lyndsey rants about what contemporary content is doing to our brains… as Elisha said, this might have been Lyndsey’s “Matt Walsh week.” Keep listening for a great challenge from Mrs. Krauss at the end of the episode.

I Cut the Cord


After threatening to do so for the better part of a year, I finally cut the cord yesterday. I mostly held on this long because of sports. With the exception of a few programs I watch with the girlfriend, or in some cases drink scotch and tolerate, all I watch is sports. I had an irrational fear that I would miss coverage of The Masters, US Open, or football. I should also mention my dog Norman watches The Golf Channel all day while I am at work. So I spent numerous mornings researching and became convinced Hulu Live was the right mix.

Still, I did not make the move. I decided I would downgrade to basic cable first — incrementalism people! I logged into my cable account where I was promptly asked if I wanted to upgrade with HBO. I then looked for how to change my services — it was nowhere to be found. They were ready and willing with a “team member” available to chat if I wanted to upgrade. So, I clicked yes, assuming if they could add services they could also take services away. Wrong. “That is not my department.”

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“Shtisel” is a brilliant Israeli series that follows a family from a conservative Jewish community in Jerusalem. There are no fireworks–just the drama of ordinary lives–but it works well. It’s real, and even disturbing at times, without sinking into fatalism. The characters develop, so I’m glad I stuck it out after the first couple of […]

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ACF Middlebrow #14: Richard Rushfield


My favorite newshound in Hollywood joins me on the podcast — Richard Rushfield, author of The Ankler newsletter. You will have heard him on the Ricochet podcast a while back and this is your chance to get his views on the conflicts now changing the most splendid and sordid of American industries. We talk Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and the other studios, most of which may not be long for this world. We talk tech disruption and the recovery of memory through the vast number of characters Disney owns — in fact, Disney seems to have copyrighted our memories and fantasies! We talk digital future and business models now. Listen to our conversation, share it, and comment, folks!

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Chad Benson of Radio America watch in amusement as Democrats invent ridiculous arguments against Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, such as Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s (D-Conn) statement that President Donald Trump “would be a monarch if Brett Kavanaugh becomes a Supreme Court justice.” They also worry about America’s fertility rate falling to a 42-year low and the factors contributing to the decline, such as low marriage rates and the prevalence of birth control. And they are happy to see Netflix cancel the show of the Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan.

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Susan Rice, the world class liar and traitor, blaming a nondescript you tube video for the attack on Benghazi and the deaths of: J. Christopher Stevens; Sean Smith; Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty; plus wounding 10 others has been named to the Board of Directors of Netflix. I have cancelled my membership as of April […]

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The Marvel-ous Culture

Jon Bernthal as “The Punisher” (Marvel Studios)

I am not an aficionado of comic books. I can not argue the merits of Marvel vs. DC. The only comics-based movie I can attest to seeing in the theater was Superman with Christopher Reeve and that was in a whole different universe called “1978.” Fast forward 40 years and my wife suggests we sit down and watch a Netflix series called The Punisher. She hooked me with the words “former Marine.”