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Israel Must Invade Now


As the decision to invade Gaza drags on, it’s becoming clear that there will be many losers in this war. We hope that Hamas will be the biggest loser by losing the bulk of its people. But it may not be an exaggeration to say the entire Middle East, if not the conditions of the world, may be at stake.

Israel is not going to make its decision freely. They now have to bow to the demands of the United States, which has pressured them not to invade. Apparently, they hope Hamas will release more hostages, and everyone should be satisfied that progress is being made. Meanwhile, we don’t know how many hostages are actually alive. Also, they have had to agree to humanitarian aid delivery, which up to this point is not subject to visual inspection and could include arms; the aid could also end up in the hands of Hamas. Israel is apparently complying with the U.S. requirements, since they have been told the U.S. could withhold essential armaments otherwise.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Ask…?


All the lies and exaggerations from the Democrats periodically exceed my tolerance for nonsense. And I have a pretty high tolerance. But I’m frustrated that there is no venue for the Republicans to insist that the Democrats provide some answers to their absurd claims and attacks against Trump. Isn’t there some way we can force the Dems to respond to the following questions?

  • Why won’t you acknowledge that terrorists and gang members have been apprehended at the border?
  • How are your decisions helping to protect Americans?
  • Why don’t you see the approach of another caravan as a problem?
  • Why are you saying that constructing a barrier is immoral?
  • Why aren’t you considering the assessments of the Border Patrol, that they need a wall to protect the country?
  • At what point did it become clear to you that a wall was not helpful, given that you approved a wall just a few years ago?
  • If you are a compassionate person, why would you want to give illegal migrants the impression that it is safe to bring their children?
  • You say walls are not effective, and yet the segments of our border that have walls or fences have worked? How do you respond?
  • What data can you provide that shows that walls aren’t effective?
  • Why should we believe that if we re-open the government that you would negotiate in good faith?

I would want specific answers to these questions. They are in no way intended to be rhetorical. I’m tired of the schoolyard attacks; all the Democrats who insisted that Trump was going to lie and scare-monger before his speech looked like petty adolescents to me.

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Negotiating is a process not a skill.  A Negotiator employs skills in the course of negotiation but negotiation is not itself an independent and transferable skill.  Sure you can reduce negotiations to abstractions and principles that have broad application but these things are of limited value in an actual negotiations.   It is like being on […]

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