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How Outrageous!


I’ve noticed the funniest thing in the last few days, and I keep waiting for someone to point it out, but I haven’t seen anyone yet.

Liberal commentators are concerned, very concerned, and you can tell they’re concerned by the concerned expressions on their concerned faces and the concerned tones of their concerned voices… that Donald Trump might have been trying to affect the outcome of the election by paying off women to keep them quiet. Get that… they are specifically upset not by the payoffs, but by their potential effect on the vote.

Trump’s NDA Culture


shutterstock_275735588The Trump campaign is requiring nearly all employees, and even many volunteers, to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, or NDAs. Although relatively common in business, NDAs in politics are — or were, until Donald came along — all but unheard of. And the Trump organization takes them seriously. The Trump NDAs require staffers to promise never to disparage Trump himself, members of his family, or any of his companies — in perpetuity. (Here in Silicon Valley, even aggressive NDAs typically expire after five years. An NDA in perpetuity? I myself have never even heard of such a thing.) And Trump is already suing one former staffer for $10 million for violating the NDA.

The argument making the rounds: That his NDA culture is going to make it difficult for Trump to hire really good people. Who wants the threat of a lawsuit from one of the most litigious men in American hanging over his head for the rest of his life? But in an email I just received, a politically savvy friend offers this:

Allow me to make a counter argument: maybe Washington can benefit from Trump’s NDA culture.