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Blasted Assumptions


Which came first, the pipeline failures or the explosions? Do not be too quick to answer, as our media, left, right, and populist have done. Some on the right seem to be playing the same game the American left played from the dawn of the Cold War to 2015. No one is blaming America for the world’s ills, no, just the corrupt capitalism warmongers, uhh, the forever war neocons and the powers behind President Biden.


Bernie McNamee, an energy consultant and former FERC commissioner, joined “Plugged In” host Neil Chatterjee to talk about recent changes to the commission’s pipeline evaluations that he said make it harder to build domestic natural gas facilities.

McNamee argues that the United States is essentially waging a war against domestic oil and gas, which only strengthens U.S. dependence on Russian resources. He added that the Biden administration is essentially using American tax dollars to prop up Russian President Vladimir Putin’s conflict with Ukraine.