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It Is Time To Close “Fort Pelosi” And Restore Our Symbol of Democracy


With our son heading off today for 4 months of infantry officer training at Fort Benning, Georgia, we chose to make our first trip into DC last night after relocating nearby a couple of months ago for a very nice “send-off” dinner at the Capitol Hill Club, the official club for Republicans. The Democratic club is down the street. For those of you not from Washington, it’s about 2 blocks from the Capitol building.

Our son, a member of the Virginia National Guard, completed Officer Candidate School just as the pandemic was declared near a year ago, and he is just now headed off to infantry officer training (a lot of Army training was suspended or postponed, for obvious reasons, during the pandemic). We’re very proud of his (and his colleagues’) service and professional and personal sacrifice. As I walked by a group of Guardsmen, I spotted a couple that appeared to be from his regiment.

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Senior Editor Chris Bedford and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky discuss why troops and fences still plague Washington, D.C., and how Biden’s promise of a return to normalcy is failing.

Join Jim and Greg as they expose the insanity of Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen, who says the National Guard could be a threat to Biden since many of them probably voted for Trump. They also pummel Joe Biden for yet another nomination based solely on identity politics rather than competence. And they also condemn Biden for planning to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline, despite many good reasons for the project to continue.

2016 Documentary, Citizen Soldier, Freshly Relevant with News


45th Infantry Patch ThunderbirdCitizen Soldier is an excellent documentary, from soldiers’ perspectives, made freshly relevant by the infuriating revelations that top Department of Defense officials were blatantly violating their oaths of office and actively lying to the civilian elected leadership, President Trump and the Congress, about troops these excrement heaps in suits were keeping in harm’s way. President Eisenhower was entirely right to warn of the deeply corrupting congruence of profit and career in the name of our national security. To understand on whom the Department of Defense are really imposing costs, watch Citizen Soldier.

I finally viewed Citizen Soldier this past Friday with a group of friends who are not veterans. We were all a little skeptical when we popped the DVD in the player, worried that it would be amateurish and not the subject matter that lends itself to being so bad it is good. Everyone gave the movie a thumbs up. We had briefly talked about the forsworn, lawless leadership at the Department of Defense. This movie captured deployment at the height of the Obama Afghanistan surge. The comments after the lights came up were not entirely printable about the top Pentagon leadership then and now.

Citizen Soldier feels like a multiplayer first-person shooter, always from the perspective of one of the soldiers. The view over gun barrels will look very familiar if you ever played or saw a bit of a game being played on a computer screen. This is because the footage comes from small, light video cameras, like GoPro, mounted on the soldiers’ helmets. So, this was an intentional project, from before their deployment, to tell the story of a company company of “citizen soldiers,” the Oklahoma Army National Guard’s 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, known since World War II as the “Thunderbirds.” A thunderbird is on their diamond-shaped unit patch.

Governor Cuomo Calls Out the Guard: President Trump Should Alert Federal Forces


On Tuesday, March 10, Governor Cuomo called out the Guard to combat coronavirus. He did so to provide skilled manpower to disinfect public areas and to deliver meals to people who have been quarantined in their homes in the New Rochelle hot spot.

The deployment comes as experts debate how long the virus can live on solid surfaces, Cuomo said.

“So cleaning those surfaces is very important with the right material and the National Guard will be helpful on that,” Cuomo said.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome President Trump’s order sending National Guard personnel to the southern border.  They explain why questions about whether Trump has such power are ridiculous but also hope the forces are not needed for long if lawmakers address the problem quickly and effectively.  They also get a kick out of “moderate” Virginia Democratic Sen. Mark Warner suddenly supporting some kind of “assault weapons” ban, proving once again Warner talks like a moderate but always ends up toeing the liberal line on virtually every issue.  And they shake their heads as Steven Spielberg suggests Indiana Jones could be a female character in future installments of the series.  Jim makes the point that it’s a bad idea to recast roles so closely identified with a certain actor, and they both vent about the unmitigated garbage heap that was the fourth film in the Indiana Jones franchise.

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  More U.S. National Guard and Reserve units will be deployed in Europe in 2016 than last year, thanks in part to Russia’s intervention into Ukraine.     However, an up-tick in military presence overseas, also equals an increased number of military kids left behind. Preview Open

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