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Since Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in early August, tensions in the region have remained high. Experts and commentators regularly speculate about a Chinese invasion of the island in the not-too-distant future, as well as about the likelihood of American involvement on Taiwan’s behalf.

We speak with Rick Fisher, senior fellow on Asian military affairs at the International Assessment and Strategy Center. A recognized authority on the Chinese military and the Asian military balance, Fisher offers his thoughts on the current tensions over Taiwan, the potential cost of war for all sides, ways to prevent military conflict, and the need to support Taiwan’s democratic self-governance.

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Maybe I’m being too picky. After all, when we look at China stealing our technology, dominating the production of our pharmaceuticals, building military bases in the South China Sea, threatening our relationship with Taiwan, buying up our land, its infiltration of foreign governments, and its production of hypersonic missiles, should we worry about the potential […]

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Pope Francis Finally Weighs In on the Overturning of Roe v Wade


Faithful Catholics all over the US have been waiting to hear from Pope Francis on the recent SCOTUS decision on Dobbs and the overturn of Roe v Wade. Receiving a joyous and heartfelt message from the Pope would be a great gift to all those who have prayed and sacrificed and worked for this day.

However, it wasn’t what we expected. As one has heard, a picture tells a thousand words.

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While Royal Dutch Shell’s purchase of deeply discounted Russian Ural oil this week is most likely headed to Europe, I now can eliminate one source of retail gasoline for my vehicles. Shell is the most significant controller of retail gasoline sales in the U.S. – some 13% of our nation’s 105,000 retail outlets. B.P. and […]

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“The Constitution requires that the president ‘shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union,’ The Washington Examiner began its editorial this morning following one of the most forgettable “State of the Union” (SOTU) speeches in modern times. “From President Thomas Jefferson to President William Taft, this communication […]

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Do Republicans Need Another ‘Contract With America’ in 2022?


Amidst debates among Republicans, such as the extent to which the U.S. should support and defend Ukraine, this has emerged: Do congressional Republicans need a positive, pro-active agenda to run on for the 2022 midterms? You know, like the 1994 Contract With America? Will it help? Is it politically necessary?

Then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich, flanked by future Speaker John Boehner, outlines progress on keeping their promises from the 1994 “Contract With America.”

In December, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said he and his caucus is rolling out a “Commitment to America” over the year. It has already started with a “Parental Bill of Rights,” queuing off Governor Glenn Youngkin’s success with the issue of education with voters in the 2021 Virginia elections.

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Business Insider an online subscription news service that has been making a name for itself recently with reporting on stock trading by Members of Congress, including their spouses and dependent children. Especially trades that are belatedly reported as required by law. Their extensive coverage resulted from a five-month review of financial disclosures, which uncovered apparent violations of the STOCK […]

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Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud: Pelosi on J6


One of the emerging traits of growing older (I’m 65) is blunt honesty. Our guard goes down with age as we become less concerned about what others around us may think. We blurt unvarnished truths and observations, often impulsively and increasingly inure to their consequences.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has graced the lower House chamber since 1987 and as its leading Democratic official since 2003, will turn 82 on March 26th. And during a solemn January 6th commemorative event in the Capitol, she said the quiet part about the festivities out loud.

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New Year’s Day is a traditional time for new beginnings. We should all have visionary goals along with strategies and tactics to meet them, but in reality, they don’t have to be made around New Year’s Day. You can make and amend them anytime. Some may take more than a year, even a decade, maybe […]

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Jim and Greg salute Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for yet again refusing to end or change the filibuster. They also roll their eyes as Democrats finally notice the surging crime rates in America’s cities and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she has no idea where the lawlessness is coming from. And they get a kick out of Sen. Elizabeth Warren wanting to add four more justices to the U.S. Supreme Court just days after Biden’s judicial commission did not recommend doing that.


Join Jim and Greg as they cheer William Shatner for going to space and the private sector space industry for their amazing innovation. They also have plenty to say as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggests the media needs to do more to sell the reconciliation bill to the public. And they’re a bit puzzled as GOP California Rep. Michelle Steel reacts to the Pacific Ocean oil leak and the gridlock at our ports by proposing a ban on ships idling off the southern California coast.


California’s Highway to Hell


Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi is the face of evil in our land, and a sign of how far we have fallen as a nation. Nancy Pelosi, the once and present Speaker of the House of Representatives, led her Democrat Party caucus to pass a bill federalizing the left’s abortion absolutism, just as they seek to end our constitutional republic by stealing elections the old-fashioned way with House Resolution 4, passed in August. Commendably, no Republican member of Congress voted for either of these bills. Pelosi’s defiance of her archbiship on House Resolution 3755, the radical abortion bill, is unsurprising and shows the long failure of Roman Catholic leadership to enforce church discipline on this life and death matter.

Archbishop of San Francisco Salvatore Cordileone called the falsely named Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021 “child sacrifice.” [emphasis added]:

HR 3755, the misnamed “Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021,” shows to what radical extremes the supposedly “Pro-Choice” advocates in our country will go to protect what they hold most sacred: the right to kill innocent human beings in the womb.  I support Archbishop Joseph Naumann in his demand to lawmakers to reject this “deceptively-named, extreme bill [that] would impose abortion on demand nationwide at any stage of pregnancy [and] … eliminate modest and widely supported pro-life laws at every level of government,” and, instead, that they “put the energy and resources of our federal government behind policies that recognize and support both mothers and their children.”  Any reasonable person with a basic sense of morality and inkling of decency cannot but shudder in horror at such a heinous evil being codified in law.

Byron York is in for Jim Geraghty today.  Byron and Greg cheer Mississippi’s attorney general for telling the Supreme Court there is no constitutional right to an abortion. They also react to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejecting certain Republicans from the January 6th commission by pointing out the radical lefties she has named to the panel. And they have some choice words for the Biden administration after learning that Hunter Biden will be meeting prospective buyers of his ridiculously overpriced art when the transactions are supposed to be anonymous.

Today Jim and guest host Chad Benson celebrate Speaker Pelosi’s further destruction of the infrastructure bill compromise. They also grimace as problems continue to appear in the Democratic mayoral primary race in NYC. Finally, they sigh as LA county health officials recommend masks for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in light of the new Delta strand.


Join Jim Geraghty and Greg Corombos as they discuss the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial and welcome a peaceful night in Minneapolis. They also condemn President Biden for his disgusting suggestion that we are a systemically racist country and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her absurd comment that George Floyd sacrificed himself for justice. And they’re less than enthused about reports that former New Jersey gov. Chris Christie is seriously considering a White House bid in 2024.

Join Jim and Greg as they shred the blatantly partisan attempt by congressional Democrats to add four more seats (meaning lefties) to the U.S. Supreme Court but welcome House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing she has “no plans” to bring the bill up for a vote. They also react to the new polling showing a sharp drop in public confidence in the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine since the FDA ordered a pause this week. And they examine how Michigan’s COVID numbers are very high but interest in the vaccine is quite low.

In today’s edition:

• Nancy Pelosi is trying to steal Rep. Marianette Miller-Meeks’ seat

It Is Time To Close “Fort Pelosi” And Restore Our Symbol of Democracy


With our son heading off today for 4 months of infantry officer training at Fort Benning, Georgia, we chose to make our first trip into DC last night after relocating nearby a couple of months ago for a very nice “send-off” dinner at the Capitol Hill Club, the official club for Republicans. The Democratic club is down the street. For those of you not from Washington, it’s about 2 blocks from the Capitol building.

Our son, a member of the Virginia National Guard, completed Officer Candidate School just as the pandemic was declared near a year ago, and he is just now headed off to infantry officer training (a lot of Army training was suspended or postponed, for obvious reasons, during the pandemic). We’re very proud of his (and his colleagues’) service and professional and personal sacrifice. As I walked by a group of Guardsmen, I spotted a couple that appeared to be from his regiment.

A Wine Snob Reviews the Political Class


Nancy Pelosi
Aged over a period of 80 years, Pelosi will strike many political connoisseurs as almost pickled. Imperious, regal, and with an extraordinarily high alcohol content, Pelosi’s bouquet almost washes over you like the tide or the administrative state. Most palates outside Mill Valley will find this varietal has lost a step.

Mitch McConnell
McConnell almost teases you with a laconic nature. With a fragrant bouquet redolent of bourbon and cocaine, McConnell is an excellent choice for anyone whose palate favors character and mastery above all. A superb choice for reshaping the federal judiciary into the originalist mold for at least a generation.

Joe Manchin
Technically a red but with unmistakable blue streaks yielding a kind of wishy-washy purple hue, Manchin is a rarity on the current scene. Widely disliked, Manchin is nevertheless redolent of rich dark coal and finishes delightfully with hints of fiscal sanity and the second amendment.