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The Fairfax County School Curriculum, Cancel Culture, and Why You Should Care


I think conservatives are starting to understand – in practical terms – exactly what Andrew Breitbart was getting at when he said “Politics is downstream of culture.”

“Cancel Culture” is the direct result of the Right’s elite class turning up its collective nose at the culture fight. Cultural battles, they sniffed, were a “distraction” from the “real issues” … like reforming the Alternative Minimum Tax.

The Mystery of Male Armies, Redux


A young friend came to visit. He is seven years old and, of course, his mother does not permit him to have toy guns. This is what he made, without assistance, using rubber bands and twigs from the yard. Note the magazines (yup, there’s one on the other side) and the sights on the barrel.

As @franksoto put it, in the title to a recent post, “bask in the crazy” indeed.