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Join Jim and Greg as they break down the very significant revelations about how Twitter suppressed the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020. They also unload on President Trump for demanding to be installed immediately as president or for a new election through “the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.”  And they rip on the Democrats too as incoming House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries repeatedly called into question the legitimacy of Trump’s election in 2016.

Join Jim and Greg as they assess how the Georgia Senate run-off will be impacted by Gov. Kemp firing up his get-out-the-vote machine on behalf of Herschel Walker. Jim also walks us through the basics of the FTX implosion and the impact on our politics. Finally, they roll their eyes as another public protest from outgoing Twitter employees convinced many users that the platform was about to implode and the site turned into a death vigil.

Elon Musk’s Starlink


My kid brother John runs a small television, antenna, cable, and dish installation business in New Mexico. He’s been doing it for many years and he’s really good at it. He sends me pictures sometimes of huge flatscreen televisions he’s mounted on tile walls above fireplaces in extraordinarily expensive Santa Fe homes, stuff like that. He does nice work.

Lately, he’s been busy — really busy — doing Starlink installations. Starlink, as everyone probably knows, is Elon Musk’s space-based internet service provider. New Mexico is a huge, wide-open, mostly empty state with lots of mountains and pockets of wealth. It’s a booming market for Musk’s high-speed, low-latency, low-Earth-orbit service.

Starlink interests me. Not because I want it: I have inexpensive cable internet that does a great job for me. It interests me because it’s innovative, beautifully engineered, and one of the drivers of SpaceX (Starlink’s parent company) and Musk’s rocket business.

Free Speech and Elon Musk


I have long argued that we should focus more on ideas than on the people who endorse them. I still believe that. Ideas are enduring; people too often are not. But when a man or woman makes a significant stand for an idea that’s praiseworthy, that in itself is praiseworthy. Without losing sight of what matters — of the idea — it’s appropriate to praise those who champion it.

Elon Musk claims to be championing an idea that I hold dear, one that is, as I’ve written many times, of paramount importance today, the idea of free and unfettered speech. Indeed, I think it is the single most important challenge faced by those of us who would preserve our country and its values.

‘Would I Lie to You?’


Pay attention to the names of the individuals, publications, companies, and networks that are expressing panic right now at the prospect of a proponent of “radical free speech” buying Twitter. And remember, the next time one of them purports to tell you “the news,” that they jealously defended their collective right to filter what you are allowed to know.

Then assume that you’re hearing only the news that fits.

Join Jim and Greg as they dive into billionaire Elon Musk’s proposal to buy Twitter and why it makes the left so angry. They also dissect a new report quoting multiple officials alleging California Sen. Diane Feinstein is quickly losing her mental acuity. And Joy Behar of “The View” bizarrely claims that the Supreme Court is poised to “pass a bill” to allow open carry in New York despite the high court having no such power.

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…as envisaged in 1950. In Heinlein’s story The Man Who Sold the Moon , the first manned lunar landing is not government-driven. Rather, it is the achievement of entrepreneur/industrialist Delos D Harriman, known to his friends and associates as ‘D.D.”  Having long dreamed of going to the moon, he finally decides that the time is […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they marvel at the SpaceX launch, celebrate the plummeting COVID-19 numbers in Italy, and unload on destructive rioters and feeble “leaders” as dozens of American cities descend into chaos.