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If you believe that the mainstream news outlets report and opine from the exact center, basically spliting the difference between left and right, then you would think that launching Air America to compete with right-wing talk radio, or launching MSNBC to compete with Fox news, would naturally draw an equivalent audience. The failure of both […]

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Outrage Brigades Attack MSNBC, SNL — Jon Gabriel


The vigilant PC watchdogs of MSNBC took a 60-second break from fretting about racism to ring in Cinco de Mayo. An early morning host honored Mexico’s proud victory over the French by stumbling around the studio in a sombrero, shaking maracas and taking a swig from a cheap bottle of tequila.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. MSNBC, CNN in Race to the Bottom — Jon Gabriel


“MSNBC is in serious trouble.” That according to Dylan Byers, Politico’s left-leaning media reporter and regular critic of Fox News.

The Peacock Network’s crazy uncle in the attic has struggled to find a voice ever since Bush left office and Obama’s halo began to fade. Shockingly, MSNBC’s obsessions with racial insults, ritualistic Palin hate and New Jersey traffic reports have not translated to ratings or revenue.