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An Honorable Charge


In one of my favorite films, “The Two Towers”, we’re introduced to a brave maiden warrior from the kingdom of Rohan, Eowyn. Her striking beauty and fierce determination is compared to the cold of “a morning in pale spring that is not yet come to womanhood”. Eowyn wants much more than her provincial life and is convinced that saddling a horse and drawing a sword will provide that.

Sadly, she lives in a time and age where the men were sent to fight (and die) and women were left to mind the house – cue sad faces.

Beauty Blooming All Over


The monthly theme of “Blooming Ideas” made me immediately think of my mother and her flowers. It is an appropriate topic for the spring season and Mother’s Day.

As if she didn’t have enough to do, what with the eight kids, cow milking, baling hay, laundry, cooking three meals a day, she maintained a very gorgeous flowery yard. She wasn’t unique in this endeavor. All of her friends and peers had carefully tended flower beds, too. She learned it from her parents. I loved visiting my grandparents in the summer for many reasons, but one, in particular, was that Grandpa had planted a section of flowers by his house that was specifically for grandchildren to enjoy. It was a big bed of pansies, and he showed us how pansies had a little face. And we could pick some of them! We totally loved that we could hold them in our hands and play with them. Also, did you know that snapdragon blossoms can be manipulated to look like they are talking to you? And they’ll sing you a little song, or just say hi? My grandpa…

Tales from the Tabloids: What If You Found Out You Weren’t Adopted?


When he was 33, Andrew Lovell, a British drummer in a ’90s band called M People, was thinking about marriage. He had been adopted as an infant in the 1960s by a white family, but his skin tone made it clear to him from his early days that his parentage was more African than the people he lived with. His adoption was rarely discussed.

Now a man, he wanted to know more about his birth family. The story he knew was that his parents adopted him five months after suffering a stillbirth. His parents finally sat him down and explained to him that his mother was his real mother. When he had been born, it was clear that his mom had had an affair and that he was not his father’s child.