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This morning I was nearly spitting teeth when I saw the main editorial from the Editorial Board of the Orlando Sentinel. (We subscribe only to the Sunday paper which entitles us to the weekly e-newspaper; I like their puzzles page.) The title was “Election Day 2020: A Referendum on Truth.” It was an attack on President Trump.


Yes, it was an editorial. It focused only on “Trump’s Lies” during his administration. It listed several sources of information, like their colleagues at the Washington Post and the New York Times.

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There’s a large, lumbering machine that rolls along and flattens attempts to get at the truth. It’s maintained and operated by the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media (but I repeat myself*). In the past, it used to be rolled out and used more frequently around election time but for the past several years it has been used 24/7.

There are levels of offensiveness and degrees of dishonesty that one should truly get upset about and others that can be relegated to passing eye-rolls before they fade into obscurity. What Donald Trump tweets about on Twitter, many find offensive, but I would contend that it’s rare that what he tweets is blatantly or deliberately dishonest. I realize that there are hardcore Trump haters who will be incensed by that claim.

Trump was actually expressing the truth when he said repeatedly that the Obama administration was spying on his presidential campaign. At the time, most news organizations accused him of lying, engaging in deflection and denial about his own alleged collusion with Vladimir Putin and the Russian government when it turned out there was no collusion at all and his campaign actually was spied upon. In fact, it has now come to light that the Trump/Russia collusion story was a false narrative advanced by Hillary Clinton to deflect attention away from her negligent and unlawful transmissions of top-secret state information to and from her own illegally-maintained private email server and her destruction of emails that would have proved her guilt — and former President Obama was briefed on this by former Director of National Intelligence, John Brennan.

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Yes. They lie. Their lies, coming from allegedly left and right (social conservative) positions, are swathed in “good intentions” and focus on “the children.” Yet, any citizen, any member of Congress, any judge, Article II or Article III, and any president who has merely been alert to their environment as they walked past, at least, a hotel bar, knows the basic claim is a flat-out lie. Why? See for yourself: