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All You Need to Know About Inequality In Just a Couple of Paragraphs


An email from a very wise friend:

It seems to me that inequality is a problem, unjust, wrong only when distribution is undertaken by an agent who should not be favoring one over another—e.g. the parent who favors one child over another. When inequality is the result of an impersonal process, I don’t see the argument. Isn’t justice a matter of getting what one deserves or is owed? How can one deserve anything or be owed anything by an impersonal process? Is it unjust that California has a better climate than New Hampshire? Is it unjust that Magic Johnson earns more from basketball than a fan in the stands?

Are We Morally Obligated to Follow Obamacare?


When people are defending a law they like from moral arguments against it, one common retort is that we are a nation of laws, which creates an obligation to follow laws even when we don’t like them — because we otherwise open ourselves up to anarchy and various other existential consequences.

Rarely do I hear people coming to the defense of a law they personally dislike with the same ferocity as those they feel meet their prefered ends.

Morality, Not Psychotherapy, is the Cure for Teen Sexting


Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A Team, has offered some advice to parents about how to deal with teens who have posted suggestive, sometimes obscene, photos of themselves on Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. Ablow, in a piece entitled “Pull the Plug on Naked Twitter Teens”, tells parents who learn that their kids have posted such things to take away their cell phones, and close their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Good advice.