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I write a weekly book review for the Daily News of Galveston County. (It is not the biggest daily newspaper in Texas, but it is the oldest.) After my review appears on Sunday, I post the previous week’s review here on Sunday. Book Review ‘Destination Moon’ a fresh take on telling the story By MARK […]

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Friday Food and Drink Post: Snacks ‘N ‘At


Actually, I probably should have phrased the title of this post “Weird Snacks ‘N ‘At.”

The “‘N ‘At” part is an homage to my nearest (and dearest) metropolitan area, the place I go on the rare occasions when I put on grown-up clothes and shoes, do something about my face, hands and hair (starting with, most unusually, “wash them”), and assume the role of “culture vulture,” (usually with at least one of my friends, as it generally takes some encouragement to get me to this point). I love the (very) occasional exertion, and the entertainment or meal that awaits me, although I’m sad that, while the clock is still there, Kaufmann’s is gone, and so is the Tic-Toc Restaurant, itself an homage to the timepiece, and a regular and favorite meeting place in bygone days.

When we moved to Pittsburgh in the Summer of 1964, we knew hardly anything about the place. But, thanks to my mother, Guy Mitchell, the miracle of 78 rpm vinyl, and the blue-wind-up gramophone, at least we knew this much: