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We Met ’em in Montana, Part Three … In Search of Skies


Yep, when you go through close to a week of the air choked with smoke, you long for even a glimpse of the sky.

Saturday was “hang-out” day, since most outdoor activities were curtailed due to the smoke. In the late morning, a small group of us took a walk over to Kehoe’s Agate Shop, about a half-mile from the cabin. We had to pass their sign every single time we went anywhere, and it was about time to pay them a visit. The road took us up a hill by a golf course. It seemed to us that the air was getting clearer, but we couldn’t be sure. The agate shop was fun to poke around, and that was the only shopping I got to do for the entire trip. I laughed out loud when I saw this sign on the way back to the cabin.

We Met ’em in Montana, Part One … or, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


Author’s Note: Owing to the difficulty I have in uploading multiple images to Ricochet, this meet up report will be in two or three parts.

The trip from Everett, Washington to Bigfork, Montana did not have an auspicious start. When we opened the garage door to start loading the car, we found ash on Ray’s car, and our suburban neighborhood smelling of wood smoke. This situation prevailed all the way from home to destination, I kid you not. Highway 2 over Stevens Pass was shrouded in smoke from Eastern Washington wildfires, and all of Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana were the same. The first picture I took was at a rest area off the highway near East Wenatchee, on the east bank of the Columbia River.