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On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how the corporate media’s lie that U.S. Park Police cleared “peaceful protesters” at Lafayette Square last summer so then-President Donald Trump could take a photo in front of St. John’s Church was weaponized by the left to push an agenda.

Mollie’s Doing It Again


Mollie Hemingway wrote a solid, well-researched book on the Kavanaugh hearings, and now it looks like she’s going to do it again to the 2020 election: “Mollie Hemingway Is Writing the 2020 Election Book the Media Don’t Want You to Read.”

The book will include interviews from lawyers, campaign activists, and election officials who were on the ground in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and other swing states. It will include discussions with elected lawmakers from across the country, including senators and members of Congress, about the importance of election integrity.

Mollie Is Taking on the 2020 Election


I saw today that Mollie Hemingway is writing a book on the 2020 election. I can’t wait to give her my money. Because I know she’ll say the things that I want her to say? No. That’s not Mollie. Or me. I want to give her my money for this because 1) The reporting and handling of all of this has been dangerously propagandistic, and 2) after years of interacting with Mollie and seeing her approach, she is exactly the right person to investigate even if no one else will.

She asks the right questions. She doesn’t accept the answers if they don’t make sense. She keeps pulling on the thread while everyone else seems intent on denying that any threads exist at all. Who knows where it will lead? I can guess, but I can also accept being wrong about my guess.

“Obsession” A Members Event Zoomcast


From the moment Donald Trump was elected president, even before he was inaugurated, some Democrats were calling for his impeachment. First it was on the margins but it grew steadily until it became both a media and Democratic Party-wide obsession. After the disappointment of the Mueller report, they focused on a phone call to the president of the Ukraine and then began impeachment proceedings with eventual acquittal in the Senate.

Veteran reporter Byron York chronicles the whole saga, using his unequaled access to sources inside Congress and the White House, in his new book, Obsession. To mark the publication, Ricochet Editor Emeritus Mollie Hemingway will host Byron in a live Ricochet Member’s Event Zoomcast on Thursday Oct. 1st at 7:30 pm ET/4:30 pm PT.

Mark the date, get your questions ready and join us! We may even give away a copy or two. (And if you’re not a member, here’s another reason to join!) Details for the login will be posted closer to the date.

Fox News Commentator (and Ricochet alum) Mollie Hemingway took a break from the hectic pace of events to sit down with our own Dave Carter for a fairly comprehensive survey of the political and cultural landscape today.  The conversation ranges from Joe Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris for his Vice Presidential candidate, to the media’s mischaracterization of the riots and carnage in major cities across the country.  Along the way, Mollie and Dave discuss the general reluctance of politicians and commentators to honestly address the “root causes” of much of the crime, death, and destruction that afflicts inner city life across the nation (their conclusions may surprise you). Dave laments the media’s apparent role as the public relations arm of the DNC, at which point Mollie takes a different view.  How different?  You’ll have to listen in for that one.

Then Dave talks with Ricochet Charter Member Duane Oyen, who has been with us since before this site launched.  Duane has some thoughts on the state of politics today, the Never Trump phenomenon, and various distinctions and divisions on the Right. “But when Duane weighs in on the things that unite us all,” writes Dave, “he sounds as wise as Solomon.” If you like discussions of policy, political philosophy, and a dose of history, this is the podcast for you. you.

The Federalist Co-founders Mollie Hemingway and Sean Davis discuss topics concerning American culture, specifically analyzing the mainstream media’s involvement in the recent defacement of historical monuments and handling of President Trump’s Fourth of July speech at Mount Rushmore.

Davis said the mainstream media has proven they will take anything that is good news for the country, because it is also a positive reflection on the president, and distort or ignore the story.  The statue destruction, Hemingway said, which began as a movement led by rioters about removing Confederate statues, was quickly compounded by the mainstream media’s defense of toppling prominent American figures such as the Founding Fathers.

Reviewing a Book I Haven’t Read


A real problem with the Amazon review section is that people can review a book even before it is released. This is particularly true of books by conservative authors. One star reviews flood the page before and shortly after such books are released. Obviously many people who didn’t read the books are reviewing them. I don’t think it’s the right thing to do, it’s dishonest to review a book you haven’t read.

But it sure is tempting to post an Amazon review about the book intended to smear Brett Kavanaugh (though perhaps unsuccessfully), The Education of Brett Kavanaugh by Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly. If I were to write a review, it might be something like this:

Before Brett Kavanaugh spoke a word to a national audience, the majority of Democrat senators announced they would oppose his confirmation as a member of the United States Supreme Court. In fact, even before Trump announced who his candidate would be, most of the Dim (sorry, Dem) senators stated their opposition.

Member Post


Former Ricochet contributor Mollie Hemingway joins Joe Concha of The Hill on Mark Levin’s talk show last night. They discuss  issues about the Kavanaugh case and the media in general, with important media facts from Joe Concha. Mollie is fantastic as usual. About 40 minutes total, with about 5 minutes of interruptions for news and […]

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DHS is no longer ignoring the law. We are enforcing the laws as they exist on the books. As long as illegal entry remains a criminal offense, DHS will not look the other way. DHS will faithfully execute the laws enacted by Congress, as we are sworn to do. Surely it is the beginning of the […]

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When Joy Behar joked that VP Pence might be mentally ill because he allegedly believes Jesus actually talks to him the inevitable backlash was predictable. And unfortunately the response has been mostly about religious identity politics rather than the profound philosophical and theological discussion it actually is. Mollie Hemingway, a devout conservative Lutheran, defended Pence on Fox […]

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Mollie Hemingway and Jonah Goldberg on Special Report


The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway and National Review’s Jonah Goldberg, both friends of Ricochet, disagreed last night on Special Report over President Trump’s tweets. They discussed Trump’s May 12 tweet, “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” Mollie said, “James Comey had already been leaking to the New York Times, and he’d been presenting stories as if he was some hero of the conversations he had with Trump. That tweet actually got James Comey to admit that he did three times tell Donald Trump that he wasn’t under investigation. It got him to admit he had said Mike Flynn was a good guy when he was asked about it by the president. And it did get him to also admit that he had pledged his honest loyalty to Donald Trump, which was contrary to what he had said to the New York Times the day before that tweet.”

Trump’s Greatest Crime


Last month on the Ricochet Podcast (Episode 353, “Happy Family”), Rob Long tried to bully me into saying mean things about Donald Trump. I declined, because the Left and NeverTrumpers don’t need any help saying bad things about Trump. But I did say that Trump had made two mistakes in the eyes of his detractors: 1) He ran for President as Donald Trump, and refused to kowtow to political correctness, and 2) He won despite point #1. I said that this was confusing to people like Rob, who had insisted Trump couldn’t win because of the first “mistake.”

Rob wasn’t convinced by my airtight, 100 percent accurate political commentary, but now everyone’s favorite Fox News contributor, Ricochet alumna Mollie Hemingway, has voiced a near-identical assessment on Twitter. I therefore declare total and complete vindication over Rob. If Mollie said it, then it’s true. Unless I disagree with her. Then she’s wrong. But I still respect her.  Hey, it’s ok to disagree.

Mollie Hemingway: “Many Reasons Why Comey Lost the Confidence of Everyone”


Appearing on Fox News’s Media Buzz with Howie Kurtz this morning, Ricochet’s favorite Fox News contributor, @MollieHemingway, pushed back against the conventional wisdom in the media that it’s contradictory for President Donald Trump to have more than one reason to fire former FBI director James Comey.

Mollie Hemingway: Can we stop with this idea that there needs to be one reason and only one reason why someone gets fired? There are many reasons why Comey lost the confidence of everyone on both left and right and it doesn’t need to be one reason — it’s many reasons.

A Conversation with Mollie Hemingway


Ricochet’s own Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor at the Federalist, joins us at Whiskey Politics on the Weekly Standard cruise to discuss the Democrats post-election freak out, political correctness, academia, the current state of the media, polling, and fake news. Mollie suggests what the Trump administration should focus on in the first 100 days and answers the most asked question from Ricochet members.