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Knocked on My Butt by the Vaccine


I got my second dose of the Moderna on Friday, and, whoa, did the second dose pack a wallop. I got the first dose on March 19, St. Joseph’s feast day! Other than the sting in my shoulder afterward, I did not have any symptoms.

This past Friday, April 16, about a month later, I got the second dose. It didn’t feel any different than the first at the point of being stuck. That evening I went on to my son’s little league baseball game, a drizzling cold night in April, but I didn’t feel any effects of the vaccine. That night, just before bedtime, I started shivering. No matter how many clothes I put on and how many blankets I put over me, I could not stop shivering. I had no idea if I had fever because I didn’t get out of bed to check. I barely slept. I trembled with chills all night.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the news that Moderna’s new coronavirus vaccine is nearly 95 percent effective. They also look at the Georgia runoffs, hos history is on the GOP’s side, and how the opposition research on Rev. Warnock is now flowing freely. And they react to Georgia Democrats assuming Stacey Abrams will run for governor again in 2022.