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Minneapolis: Nice No More


Congratulations, Minneapolis! You just dodged a bullet – for now. But only for now. What you will eventually learn, the hard way, is that the white-hating, race-obsessed mob can’t be placated, satisfied, or bought off. Its depravity is bottomless and its appetite for destruction knows no bounds. But for now, you bought yourself some time. The mob said “jump” and the jury on the Chauvin case said, “how high?” The mob said “guilty on all charges” and the jury said, “sir, yes sir!”

Look, we already have a juror confirming what we already knew anyway in a post-trial interview: “I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again and I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict.”

Member Post


Michael Franzese is a motivational speaker who often speaks to business leaders and at risk youth. A Christian, he has also spoken at churches across the country. Before that he was a caporegime with the Columbo crime family. His scam to avoid paying gasoline taxes brought in millions of dollars a week back in the […]

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Lessons from an SJW Mob (or, Horror in Romancelandia)


Isolate the target. That’s the first rule of mobbing. But who knew it would result in so many targets?

My sister and I are writers. She’s romance, I’m mystery. We’re both members of Romance Writers of America (RWA). So, when a fairly big-name romance writer, Courtney Milan, was censured by RWA for cyberbullying, we got curious about what was going on. We got even more curious when Milan’s gang turned on the RWA board and got most to resign, ruined the reputation of the gay man who became president, and seems on the verge of taking down the 9,000+ member organization.

Putting Mobbishness on the Shelf


In episode 342 of the Ricochet podcast, James Delingpole said, “I don’t even know why anyone even cares what conservatism is anymore.” And I’m so glad he did. This is exactly what I was getting at when I wrote There’s No Philosophy In It two weeks ago.

You see, James Delingpole is at war. He says so explicitly. David Limbaugh says the same in episode 340. And they are right. There is a war. They are at war. But I’m not.