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Evergreen State College Wakes Up to the Costs of Wokeness

Extracurricular activities at Evergreen State College.

It’s been two years since violent racial unrest crippled the University of Missouri. The school’s decision to coddle the mob resulted in freshmen enrollment dropping by more than 35 percent, the elimination of 400 positions, and the closing of seven dorms. The 2017 enrollment drop lost the school $16.6 million, while a disgusted state government punished the campus with another $15 million in cuts.

Following this summer’s angry protests at the much smaller Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, that school is also facing the “Mizzou Effect.” The College Fix has the deets:


Curators Kick Click to the Curb


ae5953d3-693b-41e7-a629-85d177ff0700-large16x9_UniversityofMissouriCommunicationsAssistantProfessorMelissaClick640x480Hit the bricks, Click:

A University of Missouri assistant professor who has faced an avalanche of criticism after she was caught on video calling for “some muscle” to help her eject a student journalist at a protest site on campus has been suspended from her duties, the University of Missouri System Board of Curators announced Wednesday.


Activist Mizzou Professor Charged with Assault


ae5953d3-693b-41e7-a629-85d177ff0700-large16x9_UniversityofMissouriCommunicationsAssistantProfessorMelissaClick640x480Remember Melissa Click? She was the Mizzou communications professor who asked for “some muscle” to forcibly remove a student journalist from a protestor encampment on public property. The university refused to fire Click, but another group of government officials would like to have a few words with her:

The Allman Report has confirmed that MU Communication Professor Melissa Click has been charged with a class C, or 3rd degree assault, for her actions during the MU campus protests in November.


A New College President’s First Address


shutterstock_261537968In a previous message, An Open Letter to Concerned Student 1950, I offered some comments about student protesters at Missouri’s flagship university, suggesting that in some academic hideaway, there might be a leader who wouldn’t put up with their rebellious ways. I signed the message, “A Concerned American, from a few generations in the past.”

However, let us suppose that such a person did magically show up, say, as a newly appointed interim-president charged with the task of dealing with contumacious crowds bent on taking over the university. As a public service, I offer the following comments for this individual’s first address to fellow administrators, faculty, and students:


Hire Those Brats! I’m Serious!


Do I really need to describe this? We all know what’s happening on college campuses. Whining, coddled, over-sensitive little brats demanding this and that, weeping over emails, that sort of thing.

And one of the more popular responses is — at least from folks who are roughly aligned with our point of view — Hey, those kids are in for a rude awakening and Who on earth is going to hire those entitled brats?


An Open Letter to Concerned Student 1950


151109091618-01-mizzou-protest-1109-large-169To the aggrieved members of Concerned Student 1950:

Thanks to the Internet and several dozen members of the Concerned Students 1950 movement, I am in receipt of your list of demands for changes to take place at your beloved university. Let me begin by suggesting that hurling a list of demands and expecting people to address them is not really the way that responsible grown-ups deal with important questions. Typically, we agree to abide by certain rules that govern civilized dialogue, which include, for instance, that there should be no shouting, spitting, screaming threats, disrupting campus activities, throwing dangerous objects, calling for “muscle” to prevent others from participating, leaving disgusting human debris on the beautiful campus, or otherwise engaging in other activities that stifle the free exchange of ideas. That, of course, is just the short list.


With so much going on in politics and the culture, at the moment, there was a bounty of topics to choose from for this episode, but with our characteristic discipline, we stuck to a recap of last night’s debate, the bizarre events at the University of Missouri and Yale, and some free GLoP media consulting for the remaining Republican presidential candidates.

The boys close with some of their favorite TV shows, movies, and Vines (yes, you read that right) of the current season.