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The phone call came out of the blue on a crisp Fall day in 1974. I was a freshman (oops, “first-year student”) at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, a small public liberal arts school. He got right to the point. “I’m Ed Goeas, and I want you to join OIL,” he said. […]

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It’s been nearly two weeks since the status quo elections of 2022 that disappointed Republicans but gave Democrats little to cheer for other than a sigh of relief. It is huge that Democrats kept control of the Senate. They will continue to stack the judiciary with hard-left judges for two more years. Pray for the […]

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It’s Time for a Family Conversation, GOP


Dear fellow Republicans – especially those of you who remain loyal and ardently supportive of former President Donald Trump. We need to have a serious and frank family conversation.

I’m no “never Trumper.” I voted for Trump twice. Reluctantly the first time since I’d strongly supported my friend and former US Senator Rick Santorum’s (R-PA) candidacy for the GOP nomination, followed by US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), and then finally a vote in the Pennsylvania GOP primary in 2016 for US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Still, there was no way I was voting to help elect Hillary Clinton. Trump got my vote in 2016, Access Hollywood tape and all.

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When teaching a college class or giving a talk about the history and organization of the US Senate, I always include this: When Congress enacted the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946, it created six “leadership” positions within each political party’s caucus or conference. They are, in descending order: Floor (majority or minority) Leader; Assistant Leader […]

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U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), has probably won higher praise from Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) than he’s bestowed on any of his estimable first-term GOP colleagues. Newly-elected US Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) was sworn into the Senate by then-VP Mike Pence in 2019. She previously served six years in the US House. Preview […]

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Manage Your Expectations, GOP Voters


The cake is in the oven and is baking nicely. The cake will serve up a hearty GOP majority in the US House and possibly the US Senate when the election rolls around in almost seven months.

Lots can happen between now and then, of course. But Democrats have shown no proclivity, even interest, in doing anything to soften the coming blow, with weakness abroad, an open southern border, and raging inflation at home “baked in” to voters’ equation. Democrats seem content to lead with their chins. Maybe it’s a “long game” thing, where progressive Democrats think they can purge their non-woke brethren this fall and, while a minority in the 118th Congress, entice voters to pine for their socialist schemes as a harsh and angry GOP majority overplays their “authoritarian” hand.

Perhaps Democrats dream that AOC, who turns the constitutionally required 35 years of age on October 13, 2024, to qualify as President before the Fall election, will ascend from the hearts of Americans to the Capitol’s west front on January 20, 2025. Dr. Jill Biden will guide her doddering husband to their seats to facilitate the transfer of “the football” to the former Brooklyn bartender.

Loose Lips Sink Ships (of State)


The dotard’s discourse has deadly consequences at home and abroad. pResident Biden has already caused thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of violent deaths in Ukraine, for starters. And the butcher’s bill will likely tally much higher over the next two years, and more if the self-serving RepubliCAN’T cohort, led by Mendacious McConnell and Misleading McCarthy, get their way. McConnell and McCarthy are salivating, to put it politely, over the pain abroad and at home. They are already measuring their imagined new offices for drapes and carpet, while rolling in donors’ dough. If we allow them to win, if we do not use the primary process to crush them, we will pay — from the pump, to the grocery store, to our liberty and our future prospects in the world.

No president in the entire history of confrontation between the nuclear superpowers, the Russian empire and the American republic, has ever spoken deliberately on microphone, let alone on camera, as has pResident Biden. Here are his words, from the official White House transcripts.

State of the Union 2022:

Biden, Jew-hating Left, Enable Putin and Iranian Theocracy


red green jump pointIran is not the problem, nor is Russia, per se, rather, the ruling elites in each country hold aggressive, expansionist views. AND. pResident Biden and the Jew-hating left have common cause with these two petro-dollar fueled powers. That is, sadly, nothing new. What is new is the open linkage of Russian and Iranian regimes in a triangle with the secular left in the Swamp. These two malign actors are allies of convenience, forming a new and much more formidable “axis of evil” with the imperial Chinese leadership. So it is that the Russian regime uses the computer skills of Iranians to attack the West, perhaps in place of former Warsaw Pact hackers whose governments are no longer cozy with Moscow. The Swamp, including the congressional Republican’ts led by Mendacious McConnell and Misleading McCarthy, will do nothing real about this, as they need Russia to deliver a new and even more dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.

The Swamp and the New Axis of Evil

I have posted a series of articles pointing to the red-green alliance of convenience between the secular left and Islamists, each headed by this base graphic, modified with the particular focus of the article. It illustrates a political leap forward powered by the red and green forces together. I have also pointed to the collusion between McConnell, McCarthy, their congressional enablers, and the Democrats against us. We also all know that the Republican establishment sold out Americans for the benefit of economic elites through trade deals with China, deals disrupted by our champion, President Trump. If we tolerate, if we enable, Republican congressional candidates winning in 2022 primaries without pledging to actually deliver on campaign policy promises by first changing leadership personnel, we will get more planned failure and more damage to our land and our lives.

This Is How the Left Wins in November…


…if we voters allow Republican candidates to retain Mendacious Mitch and Misleading McCarthy as the personnel setting the policy of the congressional Republican parties.

Whether in the State of the Union address or as an October surprise, the Democrats need only declare victory over COVID, in the face of an empty, more of the same fake opposition, establishment Republican campaign.

Do Republicans Need Another ‘Contract With America’ in 2022?


Amidst debates among Republicans, such as the extent to which the U.S. should support and defend Ukraine, this has emerged: Do congressional Republicans need a positive, pro-active agenda to run on for the 2022 midterms? You know, like the 1994 Contract With America? Will it help? Is it politically necessary?

Then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich, flanked by future Speaker John Boehner, outlines progress on keeping their promises from the 1994 “Contract With America.”

In December, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said he and his caucus is rolling out a “Commitment to America” over the year. It has already started with a “Parental Bill of Rights,” queuing off Governor Glenn Youngkin’s success with the issue of education with voters in the 2021 Virginia elections.

Senate Democrats’ Latest Crazy Filibuster Idea


While you’ve been busy watching football or digging out of snowstorms, both House and Senate Democrats have been working overtime to find a way of enacting a partisan federal takeover of America’s elections. They are desperate to get a bill to the president’s desk.

And they are almost there. But that last hurdle is a doozy.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Mitch McConnell’s efforts to convince Sen. Joe Manchin to switch parties as Democrats savage him for opposing BBB. They also dissect reports that Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is listening to Republicans urging him to run for U.S. Senate, what his odds would look like, and whether conservatives would get behind him. And they remember one of the worst examples of media malpractice that played out 33 years ago this week during a terrorist incident in Los Angeles.

Joe Manchin Is Now Poised To Switch Parties


Democrats are melting down Chernobyl-style this weekend after U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., declared an end to negotiations over President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” budget reconciliation bill.

No one should be surprised. The bill was strewn with political paybacks, pork, and budget gimmicks that would have made Jeffrey Epstein blush. A massive tax cut for wealthy homeowners in high-tax states. Tax subsidies for the news media and trial lawyers. Billions for “tree equity” in reliably Democratic urban enclaves. Billions more for electric charging stations installed based on “equity,” likely where residents can’t afford or don’t own electric vehicles. A federal government takeover of prekindergarten child care, coupled with generous child tax credits whether you work or not. Luxurious tax credits for electric vehicles based on whether they were union made. Chevy Bolts and Nissan Leafs would qualify. Nonunion Teslas, not so much. Elon Musk predictably opposed the bill.

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It should have been no surprise that Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell expertly timed a proposal late Wednesday – after the “markets” closed, and more about that later – to go along with a temporary, conditional “deal” to extend our government’s debt limit until December, including a “price tag” just south of $500 billion. Senate […]

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I’m waiting for a sane Democrat (oxymoron alert) to say that it’s “darkest before dawn.” It would at least add a little levity to the negotiations that resemble more a locker room brawl that is spilling out onto the field for everyone to see. Nancy Pelosi broke her promise to vote Thursday on a bipartisan […]

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Senate’s Parliamentarian Back Under the Klieg Lights


Klieg lights, Wikipedia tells us, were intensely bright “carbon arc” lights used in filmmaking. They were so bright that they allowed Hollywood directors to film daytime scenes at night. They were also so bright as to cause inflammation of the eye, known as “Klieg eye.”

Let’s hope the Senate’s Parliamentarian, Elizabeth McDonough suffers no such injury. Or worse. Few people like the spotlight less than the Senate’s Parliamentarian, a senior staff member and legal expert who reports to the Secretary of the Senate, the chamber’s senior officer. And now, she has won a new Twitter hashtag, #FireTheParliamentarian.

Campaign Cash: Tectonic Shifts Underway


One of the consequences of making occasional political contributions is that they result in perpetual fundraising appeals, especially via email and text. Joining political organizations that sell their lists is another way to find an avalanche of appeals in your inbox.

But as a former campaign operative of many years in many states, I find them instructive, even canaries in the coal mine. For example, this one that I received Monday from Sen. McConnell’s campaign organization.

Republican/Trump Voters Reject McConnell-Haley Narrative


Bill of Rights and TrumpSenate Minority Leader (again) Mitch McConnell and Nikki Haley badly miscalculated the American electorate, unless they are willing servants of Xi and the Thirty American Tyrants, furthering what Time proudly celebrated as a grand and good conspiracy against real, legitimate voters in their several states producing the wrong result again. To the extent the McConnell-Haley contingent succeed in clinging to control of the Republican Party, while the left asserts full control over the Democratic Party and the instruments of national power, they will hasten the end of the Republican Party, like the Whigs before them. President Trump and the portion of the real electorate that does not want a socialist America is signaling clearly that they intend to transform the Republican Party, rather than creating a new party from scratch. We are living in very interesting times.

Trump 2020 voters speak clearly:

Suffolk University, in collaboration with USA TODAY, conducts regular polling at the state and national level, along with special topic surveys. The first special topic poll for 2021 has already generated a series of articles and bold headlines. It is well worth your while to read the seven page questionnaire with answers. This is not dense print. It is a few easily read short questions and polling worker instructions, combined with tabulated responses. The instructions indicate that the survey should take six minutes to answer over the phone.

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech, Senior Editor Chris Bedford, and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky discuss Mitch McConnell and the future of the GOP.

A Wine Snob Reviews the Political Class


Nancy Pelosi
Aged over a period of 80 years, Pelosi will strike many political connoisseurs as almost pickled. Imperious, regal, and with an extraordinarily high alcohol content, Pelosi’s bouquet almost washes over you like the tide or the administrative state. Most palates outside Mill Valley will find this varietal has lost a step.

Mitch McConnell
McConnell almost teases you with a laconic nature. With a fragrant bouquet redolent of bourbon and cocaine, McConnell is an excellent choice for anyone whose palate favors character and mastery above all. A superb choice for reshaping the federal judiciary into the originalist mold for at least a generation.

Joe Manchin
Technically a red but with unmistakable blue streaks yielding a kind of wishy-washy purple hue, Manchin is a rarity on the current scene. Widely disliked, Manchin is nevertheless redolent of rich dark coal and finishes delightfully with hints of fiscal sanity and the second amendment.