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Social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have announced a concerted effort to flag posts on their platforms which might rattle globalists, tech billionaires, organizers of the Davos Forum, or Prince Charles. The effort, dubbed Operation CorrectThink, endeavors to reinforce elite opinion on issues as wide-ranging as climate change, vaccines, and the origin of the […]

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Abolitionist Teaching Network: Coming to a School Near You


Have you heard about the latest partnership between the federal government and the Abolitionist Teaching Network? If not, I’m not surprised; you weren’t supposed to hear about it, since the Biden administration has been contracting with the ATN with      no announcement or fanfare. The reason? They don’t want you to know that they’ve created this alliance to intensify and increase the indoctrination of Critical Race Theory, not only for children, but for the teachers, too.

What does this alliance look like? The funding has already been allocated:

Jim & Greg have nothing but crazy martinis to serve today. They shudder as 41 percent of high school students in Baltimore have a 1.0 GPA or worse. They also recoil as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admits the government is telling Facebook which posts to flag as “misinformation”. And they discuss new revelations about how horrible Kamala Harris is as a boss and how her former lefty staffers don’t want her to be president.

Hmmm, This Looks Familiar


In a post awhile ago, I shared some of the YouTube military history channels I follow. One of these, The Great War, ended, kind of, with the hundredth anniversary of the Versailles Treaty. Now the host of that channel, a Texas ex-pat named Indy Neidell, has started a new project called World War Two. This has basically the same format as the first, with a recap, week by week, of important events 80 years ago. Here’s the first one:

Opioid Crisis! Alarm! Panic!


The opioid crisis has struck America. I know, because my health insurance has notified me of such. It’s Cigna’s “goal to offer access to coverage for safe, effective and affordable medications.” They want me to know that starting July 1st, they will restrict my coverage to amounts that they consider to be safe.

I was shocked, just shocked, to see that “accidental opioid overdoses reportedly kill more people than car accidents.”