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A Couple of Thoughts on the Biden MiniTrue


Thought the First:  Isn’t this just typical? This Ministry of Truth the Brandon Administration is setting up represents the ruling class’s belated recognition that people no longer trust the state or the state-aligned corporate media. In their minds, this is because people are making unfair criticisms of the Government on social media, and they have to set up an institution to counteract the Narrative. It never occurs to them that the actual problem is that the Government really is corrupt and incompetent, much less are they inclined to do anything to fix the real problem. Not even Republicans — who often campaign on “draining the swamp” — have any real inclination to do so. Even Republican Congresses under Republican presidents have never eliminated a single agency, never cut a budget, never even imposed any basic measures of accountability on Deep State bureaucracies.

Thought the Second. It isn’t going to work. The “Disinformation Governance Board” is essentially being set up as a taxpayer-funded Politifact.  Like Politifact, its mission is going to be to defend the administration and the preferred Narrative of the Democratic Party.  Ultimately, every attempt by the Ministry of Truth to reinforce the administration narrative is going to be either immediately fact-checked (“For four years I was a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania,”) or ultimately proven wrong (“Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation.”) It is starting from a position of zero credibility, and can only go downhill from there.

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The European Left is losing control of the global governance narrative, and a new national narrative is emerging (called “fake news” in newspeak). First Brexit, then Trump. With elections in the Netherlands, France, and Germany in 2017, what’s a supranational elite to do? Expand the government and create a new department, a Ministry of Truth […]

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