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News Flash: I’m Not a Systemic Racist


The time has arrived when I can no longer tolerate accusations of systemic racism without speaking out against it. It is one of the most hateful, absurd, and propagandistic concepts being spread all over the world. And for some reason, many white people have embraced their supposed hatred of people of color and claim they are guilty of this detestable belief.

I’m here to tell you that I am not only not a part of this misguided theory, but it is a theory that has been created to attack white Americans for the indefinite future and have them begging for forgiveness.

I am going to limit my examination of systemic racism to what I know and my own experience, rather than discuss the lies that have been perpetrated, mixed with a few facts, to discount our Founders and the birth of our nation. I have read some of them myself, and they are so irrational and distorted that I know their trashing of our history is not to be taken seriously. Instead, I am going to look at systemic racism through my own personal prism: my history, my belief system, my self-reflection, and my self-knowledge.

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Now, don’t laugh. This is serious. I know that this helium balloon, which has been haunting me for a month, is possessed, and it won’t leave me alone. This is how this whole story began…

Two months’ ago a friend gave me three helium-filled balloons for my birthday. Any normal balloons would have collapsed weeks ago. One did. But the other two have been hiding out somewhere in my office. And then suddenly they re-appeared.

(It’s important to understand that the west side of our home has three connected rooms: my office, a very long bathroom with shower and tub, the water closet, and then the master bedroom at the far end.)