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On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Senior Editor Chris Bedford and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky discuss why troops and fences still plague Washington, D.C., and how Biden’s promise of a return to normalcy is failing.

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Lots of interesting things are being written and said about our quadrennial tradition of presidential inaugurations yesterday. Most are, at best, shallow and banal utterances from the usual chattering classes, including the usual lofty but largely forgettable and hollow inaugural address (most are, frankly – do you remember anything that was said in any of […]

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A Lieutenant in the Mist


Don’t fall back….!!! My mind screamed as we rounded the corner for the Group Compound. My team was running the 1st Special Forces Group pre-scuba course and it was day one of physical training (PT), our first run. It was a short two-miler done at a grueling pace. We had been in Australia (bummer) up until @ two weeks prior and were not in our best running condition. One of our fastest guys (Danny) did not go and was completely prepared and thus designated the PT lead. We were running like banshees setting the PT tone for the next two weeks. We were running in a classic military formation and soldiers were falling out all over the place. I was only keeping up out of pure pride and the cost was building nausea. We stopped once inside the compound Danny yelling at those who did not keep up “C’mon men! That was a simple 14 minute two mile, the bare minimum to get into the CDQC!!! You have to do better than that!!!” Watches were not allowed during the events including PT so no one knew how fast we had gone. I was behind the formation listening in disbelief (14 minutes?? Australia must have really taken a toll) as I was wrestling with not throwing up. Danny came around back and whispered “11:54.”Oooh,” then I whispered back some colorful language to match his charm. That’s when I spotted Lt. M just coming in, his face ashen and clearly despondent.

It all started about a week ago. “You Chief Dajoho?” said the voice behind me as I sat at my desk in the middle of my team room. I turned to see a muscular 2nd Lieutenant looking, maybe even bearing down on me. I glanced over at my Team Sergeant and he too was looking at the L-T somewhere between amusement and disbelief. Lieutenants were a rarity in Special Forces and a Second Lieutenant was like a unicorn, a flying unicorn being ridden by a talking monkey.

Join Jim and Greg as they react to Andrew Yang considering a run for mayor of New York City. They also groan as former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe – a longtime Clinton ally – officially wants his old job back. And they discuss several Senate Democrats announcing they will not support a waiver need to confirm Joe Biden’s choice for Secretary of Defense.

The Malaysia Chronicles ’93: Intro


“Man is it hot here, how close to the equator are we…?” I thought, my attention span fluttering as I sat in this grossly hot classroom, sweating through my clothes pushing into the fourth hour of discussing American/Malaysian cooperation. I was in a planning conference; we were preparing for a joint/combined military exercise later that year near Melaka, Malaysia (roughly ‘93).

This was all part of a larger strategy known as Theater Security Cooperation that applies various DoD programs and activities in coordination with the Department of State, encouraging ($$$) and enabling ($$$) countries and organizations to partner with the US to achieve strategic objectives. This particular effort was part of Pacific Command’s (PACOM) strategy to keep South East Asia stabilized. Now known as Indo-Pacific Command (INDO-PACOM) to show we are serious about not just the Pacific but across the Indian Ocean as well. I spent most of my military career out there and I thought that was understood. The name makes me cringe. The change in letterheads and signage alone must have cost millions.

Join Jim and Greg as they credit Republicans for keeping a treasure trove of opposition research on Raphael Warnock quiet until the Georgia Senate runoff. Now they are highlighting Warnock’s radical statements on many different issues. They also walk through a number of burdensome new COVID restrictions, including Pennsylvania’s requirement to wear masks in your own home if you have guests, and contrast that with politicians like California Gov. Gavin Newsom who don’t think the rules apply to them. And they get a kick out of watching Bernie Sanders supporters become deeply disappointed with Joe Biden as he names corporate figures to most positions in his inner circle.

Sky Pigs Unite!


“I’ve done this before,” I said to myself as I was packing my own parachute, again and again, making sure I check all the critical points (uhh, can you define “critical? because it’s all critical to me.”) At this point, I have well over 60 static line parachute jumps. The difference being with a static line all you have to do is jump. (Easy right?) The parachute deploys by itself and you fall for approximately three to six seconds. The aircraft is relatively low, usually 1,250 feet above ground level. In free-fall parachuting, you fall for 40 or more seconds, control yourself during the fall and deploy your own parachute. The height varies usually from about 12,500 feet up to 25,000 feet above ground level. And in static line you don’t pack your own parachute, trained professionals do … or so I am told.

It all started when I was selected to become a Warrant Officer. You get what is colloquially known as “dream sheet.” Being an astute NCO I searched out the Warrant Officers in my sphere and asked “hey, any suggestions on what I should put on this?” Resulting in sideways looks (“go away kid you bother me…”) and usually the “no idea, never filled it out…” standard response. So I ran with it. Special Forces, known as SF, also stands for Schools Forever. There are a number of schools most SF guys want from survival schools to Sniper school, language training, and Close Quarters Combat training – the list goes on and on. Then there’s the vaunted W9 identifier meaning you are both Military Free Fall (MFF) and Combat Diver qualified (scuba school). The difference being one is high profile, low physical stress, zoom and boom course, the other is a watery nightmare. I’ll let you decide which is which. Anyway, I put about a dozen courses on the sheet never expecting any of it to see the light of day. Lo and behold when my orders arrived after graduating Warrant Officer Training I was off to Military Free Fall school.

Learn all about how Memorial Day started and why it’s so important to celebrate those who have given their lives defending our freedom.

Pull up a stool for another busy day on the Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they call out Joe Biden for falsely insisting the Obama-Biden administration never used military action apart from congressional authorization. They also hammer CNN for blatantly siding with Elizabeth Warren in her accusation that Bernie Sanders told her a woman could not get elected president – a charge Sanders strongly denies. And they unload on the radical Bernie Sanders campaign field organizer caught on tape threatening to burn down Milwaukee and other cities if Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination at the convention this summer.

An Example Has Been Made: Pour Encourager les Autres


The now-fired Secretary of the Navy apparently sought to provide cover to senior NCIS, legal weasels, and an admiral over the SEAL teams, as they sought to slap the Commander in Chief in the face and cover up their own alleged criminal wrongdoing (now subject of another IG investigation). No military officer, of any rank, would tolerate such gross insubordination from a subordinate: “Sir, you didn’t put in a written order, so I didn’t have to do it.” Oh, but it was just a tweet, and we don’t like his tweets, and besides… Nonsense! In the words of Justice Scalia: “pure applesauce!”

The first two-star general for whom I directly worked gave me a great lesson in followership. He called attention to the way a staff training team reacted to him. The staff training team existed to exercise and develop staff in support of their commanders. The moment the commanding general opened his mouth, team members all had their notebooks out, pens poised and proceeded to write down every single word he said.

The general explained that that showed the doctrinally correct view of general officers’ words. All the words were to be treated as important guidance to their staff. The trainers now had the general’s words and were checking everything the staff did to see if it conformed, to see if the general’s staff was operating competently and correctly in support of the general.

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Today is the birthday of Eugene Stoner – one of the most underappreciated American firearms designers of the 20th century. Eugene Stoner was born in Gosport, Indiana, in 1922. After attending high school, Stoner enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II; he served overseas in both the South Pacific and northern China. […]

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After reading about Trump telling the Navy general Green not to take Gallagher’s Seal Trident, I thought I’d pose this question to the military members of Ricochet. As Commander-In-Chief, does Trump have the right or ability to reinstate the ‘good’ high-ranking officers forced out by O? Would many answer his call, should he request they […]

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Russian Ammunition Storage Site Mushroom Cloud


A town in Russia is reportedly being evacuated, following a massive series of explosions at a nearby ammunition storage site. The Twitter account @Liveuamap is covering it best. There was a big enough conventional explosion to generate a large mushroom cloud and blast wave in the Achinsk district of Krasnoyarsk Krai. Other video shows a series of explosions and widespread flames.

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Andrew McCarthy is wrong this time. He calls not only for a policy of regime change but also for President Trump to call for “regime change” in Iran. McCarthy should pay closer attention to the history of American presidents talking up “liberation” or regime change. Consider both President Eisenhower and President George H.W. Bush, and […]

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Trumping Middle East Hands: Iran [Updated]


Start from the position that the Iranian people are hostages in their own country to a regime based on an idea, perhaps an ideology, concocted in the 1970s and propounded clearly only after Khomeini’s faction had control in the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Consider that there has been popular unrest against the regime. Factor in that the rulers are savvy and ruthless, with an elite military force keeping the regular military and the populace in check, while extending regime influence regionally and globally. The Khomeinists seem to have a strong hand, with some high cards, so how do we set about trumping their hand? Moving towards answers that are feasible takes more than hand-waving and posturing.

The U.S. military has long recognized that it was only one instrument in Uncle Sam’s tool belt, and that military strategy needed to be integrated with plans and actions by the rest of the government. This became called a “whole of government” approach. For many years, military officers, in their advanced schooling, were instructed in consideration of four “instruments of national power:” Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economy (DIME).

DIME was useful for getting officers with around twenty years of military planning and operations under their belts to think more broadly. However, Uncle Sam actually has a larger set of tools, and uses them. To capture these other tools, DIME became DIMEFIL:

A Tale of Two Tales Following Morsi’s Death


Mohammad Morsi, who was elected president of Egypt leading an Islamist party, died in court late Monday. He had been deposed by the military after imposing an Islamist constitution and showing his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood more clearly. The military acted after a second wave of popular unrest showed people wanted change, but not quite the change Morsi seemed to be delivering.

France24 reports Morsi was buried Tuesday, in keeping with the custom of burial as soon after death as possible:

Egypt’s public prosecutor said Morsi was pronounced dead in hospital at 4:50pm local time. He said the medical report showed no apparent sign of recent injuries.