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Mike Rowe: “Never Follow Your Passion, But Always Bring It with You”


When I worked as an ACT/SAT tutor, I sometimes got to chat with my students after the lesson finished. Given the opportunity, I’d offer the following advice: 1) In choosing majors, consider both what you enjoy learning about and what someone else will pay you enough to do to make a living, and 2) Understand that these need not be the same thing. People who are particularly diligent, talented, and lucky sometimes get to be paid to follow their passions; most folks don’t and very few who do get to do so straight out of school. Moreover, is there absolutely nothing dishonorable or disappointing in using your remunerative work to finance your actual passions. That’s the point about passions, anyway: You’re interested in them even when you’re not getting paid to pursue them.

In a new Prager U video addressed to graduates, Mike Rowe made not only that point, but took it several excellent steps further:

This Is Why We Win


Mike Rowe visits Demolition Ranch in a quest to become a middle-aged action hero for his CNN TV show, “Somebody’s Gotta Do It.” Unsurprisingly, he has a tremendously good time shooting shotguns and blowing up a significant portion of the area outside of Austin, Texas.

This is why gun rights are advancing and gun control is losing: At the end of the day, safely shooting firearms is fun, and marching to take away the right of personal protection is not fun.

Mike Rowe Speaks Truth, Again


1200px-By_Dawns_Early_Light_(5036413156)Mike Rowe was asked by a(n obviously liberal) person: “Rather than accusing people of not having a work-ethic, why not drop the right-wing propaganda and help them develop one?” His answer was — in a word — perfect. It’s impossible to clip bits and have it make sense because his response was so comprehensive and well written. His conclusion stands as a perfect description of the man:

My goals are modest, and they’ll remain that way. I don’t focus on groups. I focus on individuals who are eager to do whatever it takes to get started. People willing to retool, retrain, and relocate. That doesn’t mean I have no empathy for those less motivated. It just means I’m more inclined to subsidize the cost of training for those who are. That shouldn’t be a partisan position, but if it is, I guess I’ll just have to live with it.

Although Rowe works hard to remain non-partisan in his efforts, he may be today’s greatest spokesman for conservatism. He speaks from conviction without being an ideologue, conveys passion without the craziness, and he is irrefutably pragmatic in his approach to employment. We need more of this.

Mike Rowe on Selling Pencils and the Difference Between Qualifications and Competency


2940983659_0482a018e4_oOn his Facebook page, former Dirty Jobs host and prominent blue-collar trades proponent Mike Rowe was asked to respond to Howard Dean’s comment that Scott Walker’s lack of a college degree makes him”unknowledgeable” and that we should require presidential candidates to have a bachelor’s.

Rowe’s response is well worth a read. It’s hard to quote it without ruining the great story he tells about how he landed his first job in television, but here’s a bit toward the end that circles back to Walker and the election:

Look at how we hire help – it’s not so different than how we elect leaders. We search for work ethic on resumes. We look for intelligence in test scores. We search for character in references. And of course, we look at a four-year diploma as though it might actually tell us something about common-sense and leadership.