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How Much Does Your Kid Weigh? The Feds Want to Know.


hey_michelle_obama_molon_labeIt is well documented that big government is creepy. They’re all up in our business from cradle to grave, and they just keep getting more and more intrusive. Our government seems to have a never-ending supply of new and creative ways to violate our privacy. The Free Beacon reported that the U.S.D.A. would like to weigh and measure children in daycare. Seriously.

This data is being collected as part of the First Lady’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, and also will include what meals are served and how much physical activity the kids undertake during their day. A notice in the Federal Register states that “Good nutrition is a key to proper childhood development, but not enough is known about the food children are eating in childcare and related programs.” What they mean, of course, is that not enough is known the by government. Perhaps that is because it has nothing to do with running a country.

The data collection would fall into three categories: surveys, forms and interviews. They include menu surveys, and data collection around costs, but the really creepy part is under “Child intake and weight status,” which includes the following four bullet points “child food diary (completed by parents), standing height and weight form (collected by study staff), infant food intake form, and parent interview.” They want a government representative to weigh and measure your child like a piece of livestock, and then will ask the parents to report every bite that the child eats. To the government.

Ask Amelia: Mothers-in-law and Food Frustrations


AskAmelia3It’s Friday and Amelia Hamilton is here to answer your questions on life, love, and sweet tea.

Dear Amelia,
My mother-in-law drives me nuts. What should I do?
Every Husband Who Ever Lived

Dear Husband,
You maybe should have signed that “every married person,” as I also hear this regularly from the wives. By now everyone should know that when they marry a person, they marry that person’s family. Healthy boundaries are important in all relationships, including yours with your mother-in-law and your wife’s with her mother.

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Over on my Facebook timeline, I just posted this little missive about profligate waste and global warming hypocrisy. If you need any better example as why people hate inside the beltway politics, here’s one good reason why to be infuriated. The President and First Lady took separate planes to California yesterday to make their TV appearances, […]

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Michelle Obama, Saudi Arabia, and the Making of Political Dynasties


shutterstock_113392198Yesterday, Aaron Miller started a conversation about Michelle Obama’s decision to not bow to customs in Saudi Arabia. Before that, the illustrious Jon Gabriel expressed a desire to see my take on the issue (taking second place behind another editor, since this was a conversation shared with a few). Being fair, or honestly wanting to mull over exactly how I would approach this topic here, I did write about the manliness of Mrs. Obama elsewhere first.

Yes, that was a correct choice for a couple reasons. First, Mr. Miller brought up quite a few questions, but the last ones he posed — “Did the President learn something from his critics? Why cater to foreign customs then and not now? Or are the President’s concerns irrelevant to his wife’s behavior?” — seem particularly important  to my generally strategic mind. There was a significant change in the behavior of the president this time around in Saudi Arabia: no bowing. The clothing choice of Mrs. Obama was only part of the “big deal” on this trip, and was quickly observed by a journalist I know. Dustin Hoyt, host of “America Our Way” on Vigilant Liberty Radio was quick to observe something very important about not only the lack of head scarf:

However, with her choosing not to AND shaking the King’s hand, she showed some serious spine for America. It was great.

When In Riyadh


Drudge is making a big deal of Michelle Obama’s decision not to hide her hair while in Riyadh with the President. Kudos to the First Lady? 

Pretend, for a moment, that the story does not concern two vile people who would sooner spit on you than respect you as a political opponent. What should be the general rule in regard to diplomatic presentation, as opposed to diplomatic content? When in Riyadh, do as the Saudis do? Or dress and behave like an American, always and everywhere?

The Extraordinary Life of Barack Obama’s Imaginary Son


In an upcoming People magazine interview, Barack and Michelle Obama sit down and discuss life as the First Oppressed Couple of the United States. Hoping to shed light and relate to recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City, Barack reached into the upstairs White House bedroom of his mind and called upon his famous imaginary son to make an appearance:

The small irritations or indignities that we experience are nothing compared to what a previous generation experienced,” President Obama said. “It’s one thing for me to be mistaken for a waiter at a gala. It’s another thing for my son to be mistaken for a robber and to be handcuffed, or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street and is dressed the way teenagers dress.

Petitioning the Sovereign


I confess I haven’t really been following the whole Michelle Obama school lunch thing. I get the gist: The First Lady has the USDA revise the standards to make them healthier, but the new guidelines are unrealistic, so kids don’t eat the food (with all the attendant behavioral consequences), and schools complain. I figured that eventually reality will win out over this instance of leftist dogmatism, so why bother paying attention?

Today though, Bridget Johnson at PJ Media had an article that made me do a double-take. The background: Congress is working on a bill to give school districts more flexibility, and Mrs. Obama doesn’t like it. (Again, nothing really surprising here; call me when the USDA loses this fight to the 5th graders.) Mrs. Obama explained her motivation:

Michelle Obama… said at a roundtable yesterday with school leaders and nutrition experts that “so many kids write me every day” about the “health crisis in this country.”

In Opposition to “Public Service”*


shutterstock_148892384Once upon a time, people made jokes about “government work” being a haven for the venal, the arbitrary, and the unaccountable. Now working in government has become public service, a.k.a. the Noblest Calling. We must stand against this nonsense.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s official WhiteHouse.gov bio says that “before she was a mother—or a wife, lawyer or public servant—she was Fraser and Marian Robinson’s daughter.”

Did I miss something? What service exactly is Mrs. Obama providing by living in a fancy house on the public dime and jetting off to the Vineyard to pick wild blueberries? I’m paying for it and you are too, so who exactly is being served?

In Defense of Hashtag Campaigns


justsayin-376x330Let me get something out of the way: Hashtag campaigns are stupid. That being said, those who are complaining that this is a weak response to the Nigeria situation are off base. Yes, its asinine. Yes, it’s unseemly. Yes, it’s inappropriate for a First Lady to get caught up in it. And yes, it’s a really bad idea to create a blank slate like the one above an release it on the Internet. But you’re missing the value of the thing.

The way a republic works is:

1. There is some dramatic event or an ongoing situation.

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The good folks at the Independent Women’s Forum sent a letter the other day to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack expressing concern about the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee becoming overly ideological. Brace yourself: The guidelines recommend taking great care to feed humanity while being mindful of the carbon footprint consuming food requires … no matter the […]

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The Death of Marital Bliss — Michael Stopa


All is not necessarily harmonious in the First Family.

While official Washington has been focused on Euro-Asian wars and airliners gone astray over the Indian Ocean, the wound inflicted by the President’s folderol with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thoring-Schmidt at the Mandela funeral (was that all the way back in December?) seems to have festered. Perhaps there has been other perfectly innocent guy-behavior going on as well. But in any case, if Japanese politicians and The National Enquirer are to be believed (and why wouldn’t they be?), the possibility of divorce in the Obama family looms large.