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The Truth, I Speak It


The work is complete. It was a pain, but I persevered in surfing across the entirety of the web. After trekking through every virtual centimeter of the internet, through the hysteric shrieking of political message boards, the choking smog of social media narcissism, and enough Sonic the Hedgehog pornography to fill the craters of Ganymede, I can now say conclusively what I, and you, already suspected: every single person other than me is an idiot. Fortune smiles upon you, though, for I shall now impart shreds of my wisdom (otherwise they’ll metastasize and burst through my skull, releasing my precious cranial fluids and I’m not letting that happen again).

Today, our subject is politicians. Most people instinctively know these elected creatures are not to be trusted, but despite scientists devising the cockamamiest of theories, no one has figured out why. Well, your figuring is done. Behold the proof.

Jews & Christians: Where We Part Ways


shutterstock_156235796After reading Jon Gabriel’s piece on Michele Bachmann’s comments regarding converting Jews to Christianity, I thought I’d offer a Jewish response. I get that Evangelicals evangelize, but I wonder how sensitive Christians would be if Joe Lieberman talked about how important it was to get Christians to stop believing in Jesus.

Christian attempts at conversion are a core, visceral issue for many Jews and for reasons unique to Jews. In the West, we who are Jews today are so because our ancestors resisted efforts to convert them, often at great cost to themselves and their loved ones. And our ancestors were the lucky ones, because many didn’t survive these efforts. Their sacrifices will not be in vain. Even though today’s Evangelicals limit themselves to non-coercive persuasion, it reminds us of the darker times in our joint history when significantly harsher tactics were used.

So laugh, scoff, whatever. Tell me I’m making a big deal out of nothing. Or, as Breitbart’s John Nolte tweeted, maybe I should just realize that it’s a “Complimentary act of love, morons.” Hey, I was content to ask Christians to keep their complimentary love to themselves, but Nolte won me over when he called us morons.

The Keys to the Asylum


BachmannWhen Michele Bachmann retires from Congress this year, she will leave many fans behind; myself among them.  She is articulate, attractive and — above all else — fearless in challenging liberal shibboleths in a way that really gets deeply under their skin.

I suspect it is the radical LGBT activists who are most appalled by Bachmann.  Anyone who suggests that being gay might conceivably be cured is rattling their foundations in a way that typical political positions do not rattle typical activists.  But whatever the reasons for their animus, the modus operandi of the Left in dealing with Bachmann is the same as that of ecclesiastical elites in dealing with heresy throughout history: to silence her by branding her a witch or as insane.

A recent otherwise dry account of the political picture in upcoming Republican primaries in The Huffington Post, contains this: