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— Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni in a sonnet

Few natives of the Anglosphere may know just how much of a Renaissance man Michelangelo was. Not only a painter and sculptor, but also a poet. Here he describes the process of creating a statue from marble, wasting away bits of the marble until only the statue is left. Sometimes, we don’t like to see waste. We don’t like to see people without or between jobs, but we are collectively shaping our country and our economy into something new each day. There will be chips of marble separated off that cannot be used for a smaller statue or for any other high purpose. Some will just wind up as dust and gravel, perhaps to mend a road. It will all be used in the end.

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Here, folks, another week, another podcast. This week we’re discussing Alien: Covenant. Ridley Scott wants to make the lowbrow genre of the blockbuster into a middlebrow work by adding a lot of highbrow art. I’m all for it! So my friend and I are discussing the two important conversations in the movie, in the beginning and in the center, in relation to the works of art on display and their role in revealing character and discerning intentions.

At the same time, we’re talking about the meaning of horror as a genre and the moral logic it obeys. Listen to the end for some shocking remarks about 19th-century British horror stories and the book of Genesis! At the same time, we’re continuing our elaboration of the conflict between life and science — this is Ridley Scott working in his Lovecraft-ian mode. And there’s more! Take a listen, and please share!

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Pieta For SaleLet us suppose that a rich man — a very, very rich man, such as, for example, Jack Ma, who possesses a net worth of some $20 billion — makes a straightforward proposition to the Vatican.

Aware that Pope Francis speaks constantly about the plight of the poor, an inspired by the Morris West novel, Shoes of the Fisherman, which culminates in a decision by the pope of the day to sell all the Vatican’s treasures to avert a famine, Mr. Ma has decided to make an offer for one Vatican treasure in particular: the Pieta.

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What is luck? Is it just a form of probability that we notice? I remember reading somewhere that if one were to have thirty random people in the room, the probability is that two would share the same birthday. One would think that the probability would not approach unity until one had as many people […]

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