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Who would like to have a very uncomfortable conversation about “white supremacy?”  Yeah, me neither.  Still, those of us who understand how that term is being used by the left to wage their destructive war against America need to start talking about it and refuting it more strongly.  Otherwise, whatever the left says about it […]

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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club for October 17, 2017, it’s the Psycho Halloween Killers edition of the show – number 144 – with your hosts, Todd Feinburg, Hartford radio guy, and Mike Stopa, nanophysicist, and today with special guest star, host of Michael in the Morningthe inimitable Michael Graham!

MG will join us, as will big cheese Rob Long, at the upcoming Ricochet meetup in Burlington, MA (just outside of Boston) on November 11, from 7-10 pm. Today he joins us to talk about the meetup and also to discuss why the left is choosing to lurch even farther left. And, in a related topic what gives when a poor Soda Pop and Pet Store owner (not kidding here) joins Donald Trump for a signing of an executive order that will help his 100+ employees get affordable health insurance only to find, when he returns to his home in central Massachusetts (yes, *that* Massachusetts) that his name is dog poo-poo? Michael will help us analyze.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club podcast for November 9, 2016 it’s the “Trump is a Genius” edition of the podcast. We’ll discuss the new reality of November 9, 2016. We’ve been wondering what this day was going to be like for *ever*. And it turns out to be better than we could possibly have imagined it! Not only did Trump win, but the sheer energy of the victory carried along almost all of his detractors on the right – at least temporarily – like a tsunami…a temporary tsunami?

We will discuss the change in the electorate that brought this about. Are the blue collar, Reagan Democrat, rust belt “leftover” voters a permanent feature of the new Republican coalition? Are Democrats in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – what Michael Moore called the “Brexit states,” destined to be a vanishing breed just as Democrats in the South have vanished?

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Podcast for Tuesday, October 11,  2016. It’s the “Hillie Sutton: Go Where the Money Is” edition with our exclusive interview with Washington Examiner’s Michael Barone. We come to you in the wake of the second presidential debate in which Donald Trump is viewed by many as having calmed the outrage connected to the release Friday of his Crotch Grab interview – which had the media in a feeding frenzy and scared Republicans running away from Donald anew. We’ll talk about the debate and we’ll discuss the Crotch Grab interview released Friday.

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