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The American Ministry of Fear


Michael Walsh is, of course, a national treasure, with an idiosyncratic ability to articulate what we know in a way that is, all at once, surprising, terrifying, and lovely.

Welcome to America, 2021. In just a few short months since the mysterious elevation of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., inexplicably elected the 46th president of the United States, our country has undergone a stunning rapid devolution from a confident, economic powerhouse to a shabby debtor nation afraid of its own shadow.

The Great Books


Remember those 71 volumes of the Harvard Classics that you felt bound to read but after many minor starts, you set aside a volume and got lost in that detective series? So many books; so little time.

Well, the dreaded Amazon has published on Kindle all 71 volumes in one mostly well-linked file for a mere $1.99. Worth the price. Only 37,451 pages. I always have five or six books I’m reading, switching from one to the other, depending on my mood.

Michael Walsh on Russia, Trump, and the ‘Deep State’


Michael Walsh, author of The Devils’ Pleasure Palace joins us at Whiskey Politics to discuss Russia, Trump, and the “Deep State.” You have seen Michael’s pieces in Time magazine, SF Examiner, PJ Media, National Review, NPR, and the NY Post. Follow Michael on Twitter @DKahaneRulesListen here, at Ricochet.com, WhiskeyPolitics subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher or GooglePlay. Your five-star rating is greatly appreciated!

Intro: “Little Green Bag” George Baker Selection