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Michael Shermer (Skeptic Magazine, Science Salon Podcast, Scientific American) dropped by before quarantine went into effect to discuss skepticism, religion, debunking conspiracy theories, scientific attempts to achieve immortality, and why “I don’t know” are the three most powerful words you can utter. He and Bridget cover everything from why neither one of them would want to live forever, to why Heaven sounds really boring, how liberals used to be the defenders of free speech and when it all changed, pluralistic ignorance, censorship, hate speech, thought crimes, and why open debate is the only way to find out what’s actually true. Don’t miss Michael’s new book Giving the Devil His Due, available now!

Full transcript available here: WiW74-MichaelShermer-Transcript

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Richard Dawkins has a new book out, guaranteed to continue the debate going on in the western world, and even the entire world, over the value of religious belief. Some think that religious belief is essential to healthy societies and happy lives. There is also the debate over whether a particular religious claim is, in […]

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