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Everyone is here and the guys have a long discussion about the Michael Flynn case and the dropping of charges by the Justice Department. It’s a mess and even those critical of Trump and Flynn are not thrilled with how this played out, including the co-hosts.

The Democrats want to see Trump’s financial documents. Trump refused and now the Supreme Court will make the decision. Is it legitimate or nothing but a means to embarrass Trump?

Michael Flynn’s Political Enemies


An unfortunate if longstanding political brawl intensified last week. The Department of Justice, acting under Attorney General William Barr, filed a motion (the Barr Report) in the Federal District Court for Washington DC asking that the criminal charges brought by Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office against Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI be dropped “with prejudice,” which means the case cannot be brought again by any future—read Democratic—administration. The original guilty plea was secured on December 1, 2017. This was over ten months after two FBI agents interviewed Flynn on January 24, 2017, concerning conversations he had with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, before Donald Trump was inaugurated as President.

Liberal commentators have rushed to denounce the decision as purely political, but they present a weak case against Barr’s motion to set aside the guilty plea, which they argue is yet the latest chapter in the Trump coverup that began with Barr’s criticism of the Mueller report of March 2019.

Law professors Neal Katyal and Joshua Geltzer, writing in the New York Times, argue that “appalling damage” will result from the DOJ’s decision, noting that Flynn had twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, and that the FBI had done nothing to “set up” or entrap Flynn. In a similar vein, a bellicose indictment on the blog Lawfare spares no venom in denouncing an “Ugly Day for the Justice Department.”

Michael Flynn Seeks to Withdraw Guilty Plea

Michael Flynn at the 2016 GOP Convention

Michael Flynn at the 2016 GOP Convention
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Tuesday afternoon, Michael Flynn filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea “because of the government’s bad faith, vindictiveness, and breach of the plea agreement.” The motion, filed by Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, also alleges the lead DOJ lawyer “knowingly sought to induce false statements from Flynn.”

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud the Senate for approving the criminal justice reform bill known as the First Step Act.  While still a bit uneasy about some details, they generally like the emphasis on teaching inmates how to live an honest life when they get out of prison and become an asset to their communities.  They also wonder why President Trump is suddenly ordering the U.S. to withdraw from Syria when ISIS is badly degraded but not yet eradicated.  And they shake their heads as Michael Flynn’s legal strategy backfires and the federal judge in the case embarrasses himself with false accusations and flippantly suggests Flynn is a traitor.

Collusion Is Possible


It has become an article of faith in some quarters on the right – well, most —  that the Mueller investigation has found no evidence of collusion with Russia and has accordingly shifted gears to process crimes like lying to the FBI or obstruction of justice. Having decided that this must be true, many have called for Mueller to wrap it up.

But this requires a lot of wishful thinking.

Consider the sentencing memos. Most of the attention has focused on the payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. But the Office of Special Counsel advised a federal judge that Michael Cohen had committed other serious crimes. He “withheld information material to the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.” He later came clean. Mueller’s office recommended that Cohen be given some credit for this, and included this wording: Cohen “voluntarily provided the SCO with information about his own conduct and that of others on core topics under investigation by the SCO . . . the information he provided has been credible and consistent with other evidence obtained in the SCO’s continuing investigation.”

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome the decision of ABC News to punish Brian Ross over his sloppy, false, and damaging report about  when President Trump urged Mike Flynn to make contact with Russia – just the latest in a long history of shameful reporting by Ross.  They also erupt as Republican Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold reportedly used $84,000 of taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment complaint made by his former staffer.  And they chronicle the liberal hysteria following the Senate vote on tax reform – including assertions that the vote killed America, that it will kill millions of people, and that it is akin to raping poor people.

“Lying to the FBI” and Other Meta-Crimes


I’m a bit concerned about Michael’s Flynn’s guilty plea. Not because Michael Flynn doesn’t belong in jail. From all I can tell, he’d sell his country or his mother for a dollar, so I rather imagine that he probably belongs in jail for something. But I’m concerned about it, and about George Papadopoulos’ plea too, for that matter.

No, it’s not because I fear they’re going to turn state’s evidence on the Donald either. While I’ve been pleased with some of his actions as president, I’ve never had any confidence in Donald Trump’s character and won’t be surprised if it turns out there’s an actual fire under this smoke. Nor will I lose any sleep if he’s replaced with Mike Pence. (On the contrary, I’ll sleep better.)

Flynn Working with Mueller, But Trump Shouldn’t Worry. Yet.


Michael Flynn plead guilty today to lying to the FBI and has agreed to cooperate with Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Trump-Russia collusion. Flynn made the following statement:

After over 33 years of military service to our country, including nearly five years in combat away from my family, and then my decision to continue to serve the United States, it has been extraordinarily painful to endure these many months of false accusations of “treason” and other outrageous acts. Such false accusations are contrary to everything I have ever done and stood for. But I recognize that the actions I acknowledged in court today were wrong, and, through my faith in God, I am working to set things right. My guilty plea and agreement to cooperate with the Special Counsel’s Office reflect a decision I made int eh best interests of my family and of our country. I accept full responsibility for my actions.

As the news broke on Twitter, media types went into their usual #Resist frenzy:

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Chad Benson of Radio America raise an important question about the national debt as the GOP approaches the votes needed to pass new tax legislation. They also ponder some possible explanations for the verdict in the Kate Steinle case. And they consider some possible implications for the president in light of Michael Flynn’s guilty plea.