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This is something I overheard a California expat say about her new digs in the Lone Star State. Hailing as I do from the frozen north where look askance at anything spicier than sharp cheddar I figure I’m unqualified to judge. On this Taco Tuesday, the holiest of the holy days of the Taco Week, […]

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Thanks, Hillary: Chipotle Sales Plummet


chipotle-e1422995779556-1940x1089Less than a week after Hillary Clinton stiffed the servers at a Chipotle, the company admitted they didn’t hit their first quarter numbers. Forbes magazine is concerned that the lackluster performance might indicate a slowdown for the vibrant burrito sector of the American economy.

Way to go, Democrats:

Burrito behemoth Chipotle has built its success on fresh ingredients and a reputation for being a healthier alternative to other fast (or fast-casual) food. But as health-conscious consumers have learned that Chipotle is not always all that healthy – a day’s worth of sodium, anyone? — revenue growth and same-store sales at the restaurant chain has slowed, indicating that the burrito market is no longer “hotter than hot sauce.”