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Checkpoints and No-Go Zones


Amidst the daily drama of #NeuterTrump collusion with the unconstitutional administrative state and their allies of convenience, the Democrats — and with the latest instance of President Trump actually trying to oppose the Russian regime with which he is willfully falsely accused of colluding — soldiers of the National Guard prepare to respond once again to a threat at our southern border. But what is the nature of that threat? Is it just a group of women and children, even if organized by an open-borders socialist group? Two vignettes may help clarify the real stakes.

A Tale of Three Check Points


Brandon Michael Darby on Las Vegas, Andrew Breitbart, Antifa, and Mexican Drug Cartels


Brandon DarbyAs America and the world learn about the horrific events in Las Vegas, and news is being updated as we record here on Monday, we had Brandon Darby provide his perspective on the tragedy, the politicians who immediately politicized it, his relationship with Andrew Breitbart and the Mexican Drug Cartels. Brandon Darby is Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief at Breitbart Texas. After we stopped recording we learned about Tom Petty being near death. A special tribute at the end.

Brandon was the subject of Jamie Meltzer’s 2012 documentary film, Informant, about his experience infiltrating Occupy Wall Street. The film won Best Documentary at the Austin Film Festival. Brandon has also been very involved in detailing the threats from the Mexican Drug Cartels. Brandon is a co-founder of the Cartel Chronicles project with Ildefonso Ortiz and Steve Bannon.


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This AEI Events Podcast features the release of AEI’s new report, “Kingpins and Corruption: Targeting Transnational Organized Crime in the Americas.” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) delivers opening remarks and discusses with AEI’s Roger F. Noriega how Congress and the executive branch can proactively address the threats posed by transnational organized crime. Following Sen. Rubio’s remarks, […]

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Did Decriminalizing Pot Cause the Heroin Crisis?


ap070120018687Let me say at the outset that I’m dubious. But Don Winslow makes an interesting case in El Chapo and the Secret History of the Heroin Crisis:

If you wonder why America is in the grips of a heroin epidemic that kills two hundred people a week, take a hard look at the legalization of pot, which destroyed the profits of the Mexican cartels. How did they respond to a major loss in revenue? Like any company, they created an irresistible new product and flooded the market. The scariest part: this might not have happened with El Chapo in charge.