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The Date of My Last Drink


I am posting this on my 10,000th day of sobriety. My hope is that this post may shed some light on the mindset of alcoholics and addicts, that it may help in reaching desperate people, and those around them. There is a solution!

This is my experience and observations. I do not speak for A.A. as a whole, or other individual members.

Ask Amelia: Diets, Boredom and the Perils of Exercise


AskAmelia3It’s Friday afternoon, — time for Amelia Hamilton to answer readers’ vexing questions and curious queries!

Dear Amelia,
I hate exercising with a passion, but I live in Real Housewives of Orange County territory, and I’m the fat, plain housewife next door. I’d love to be the slightly less fat, plain housewife next door. Any tips for finding a workout routine that doesn’t make me wish I lived in Samoa?
— The Realistic Housewife of Orange County

Dear Housewife,