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Robert Thomson Offers a Glimpse of Things to Come


Interviewing him for Uncommon Knowledge, I served up several questions in a row that all but begged Robert Thomson, chief executive officer of News Corp —which owns the Wall Street Journal, the Times of London, and more than 150 other newspapers — to weep and moan about the way technology has squeezed the profits out of journalism.

Thomson wouldn’t bite.

MSNBC, CNN in Race to the Bottom — Jon Gabriel


“MSNBC is in serious trouble.” That according to Dylan Byers, Politico’s left-leaning media reporter and regular critic of Fox News.

The Peacock Network’s crazy uncle in the attic has struggled to find a voice ever since Bush left office and Obama’s halo began to fade. Shockingly, MSNBC’s obsessions with racial insults, ritualistic Palin hate and New Jersey traffic reports have not translated to ratings or revenue.

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Who are Colonel Khadaffy and Kookamamie? As a kid, I knew “Ronnie Raygun” and “P M Satcher” were real people, so the others must be as well. Thus, a little DOS game called Nuclear War inspired me to ask questions and to expand my knowledge of world politics. It introduced me to struggle of balancing […]

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