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Debating Executive Power with the MSM


I’ve been having an e-mail exchange this week with a reporter from one of the country’s biggest newspapers on the topic of executive power. I’m not sure if, or to what extent, my comments will make it into print, but I thought I’d take Ricochet members behind the curtain and show you how these kinds of exchanges often play out.

Have a look at the substance of the discussion, then weigh in in the comments to let me know what you think.

The Left’s Obsession with Fox News


fauxnewsFor me, Twitter is less a social-media service than a six-year-long political argument with no sign of ending. In myriad (and meaningless) keyboard battles, I’ve tangled with progressives on economic policy, foreign affairs, elections, pop culture, social issues, education reform and countless other topics.

Obviously, I waste too much time on Twitter. But whatever the subject, my liberal enablers always drop the same line; one they believe will end the debate for good. About every other day since 2008, I’ve been on the receiving end of this withering coup de grâce, always delivered with a supercilious tone of finality.

“Maybe you should stop watching Fox News!” The more clever interlocutors misspell it “Faux News,” adding wonky jargon such as “dum winger” or “tea-tard.”

Sunday Morning Contest: The News that Wasn’t



Hey Ricochet, remember how much fun we used to have with our weekend contests? For those of you too young to remember those, here were some of my favorites.

Now that I’m back, it’s time for another one! This will be in a new format, so read the rules carefully. It’s inspired by my now-constant lament that were an alien to descend to our planet and read an American newspaper, he would conclude that the only events taking place outside our borders (if we can still call them that) were either happening in Gaza or involved crashing airplanes. Now, I’m not denying that Gaza and plane crashes are newsworthy stories, of course they are. But some 90 percent of what’s written about them isn’t even, strictly speaking, news—it’s just an infernal rumble of repetitive invective, shedding vastly more heat than light, indeed, sucking the light of intelligence and wisdom out of the world, as if the Internet itself had paradoxically been transformed into a communicative black hole (you get my drift), and in the process draining scarce news-gathering resources from other news stories that are every bit as significant, if not more.

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Forgive me for not writing this post two years ago, but Comcast only recently made House of Cards available on demand. A good friend of mine who writes about pop culture for a living urged me to watch House of Cards. He’s a liberal who likes to rib me, but he assured me that the […]

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Trick the Bumpkin: Democrats and the EPA


Today’s EPA decision to limit the emissions of coal-fired power plants was expected as part of the legacy stage of Obama’s presidency. Our side immediately rushed to declare that middle-class families will be hit with higher electric bills, that we face reduced economic growth, and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

However, today’s most important lesson isn’t that Obama is willing to wreck a sector of the economy in order to build the Tom Steyer Wing of the Obama Presidential Library. It’s that the liberal apparatus in the press, the vast constellation of left-wing advocacy groups, and the Democratic donor class are perfectly comfortable with lying to win, and that the rules they insist everyone else play by are tissue-thin political screens.

Hacks and Flacks


Barack ObamaHaving blogged for some time now, I understand that there are partisan divisions in the political blogosphere, and I understand as well that they are here to stay. That having been said, it is worth noting—as James Oliphant does — that port-side bloggers are acting as publicity agents, apologists, and all-around hacks on behalf of the Obama Administration to a degree not seen before. Certainly, the administration of George W. Bush never benefited from the presence of a similar cyber-praetorian guard acting to advance its interests.

Read the following excerpt well, and note that there are a host of “journalists” who act more like one would expect paid White House staffers to behave. And boy, do they get the benefits that come with toeing the line:

When Jay Carney was grilled at length by Jonathan Karl of ABC News over an email outlining administration talking points in the wake of the 2012 Benghazi attack, it was not, by the reckoning of many observers, the White House press secretary’s finest hour. Carney was alternately defensive and dismissive, arguably fueling a bonfire he was trying to tamp down.

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With an ever increasing array of on-demand TV services, parents have never had so many options for selecting their children’s entertainment. In addition to new programs like Blue’s Clues and Wild Kratts, many shows from previous decades are now available for streaming. Some old favorites, like Scooby Doo, have even been refreshed with new episodes.  […]

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That Old Clintonian Dysfunction


As Hillary Clinton is gearing up for another possible run at the presidency, Politico has written an in-depth story regarding Clinton’s love-hate relationship with the media. And it is mostly hate, as one of Clinton’s advisers is more than happy to admit: “Look, she hates you. Period. That’s never going to change.” I am more than willing to believe those words, and they point to why Hillary Clinton should never be president of the United States.

We are still being governed by an administration that claims to have been the most transparent in history, even though the record is clear that it is anything but. And this is an administration with relatively good relations with the media, featuring a president who has basically been a media darling ever since he burst on the national and international stage. If an administration with this many advantages when it comes to being able to charm the media still sees fit to make a mockery of transparency, what makes anyone think that in a future (Hillary) Clinton administration, there will be anything resembling more transparency, especially when one considers Clinton’s often-difficult history with the press?

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Dennis Prager on the NBA owner fiasco: When the media report private conversations that pose no threat of violence, they encourage more and more people to record and release private conversations. That, far more than the NSA’s trolling of billions of phone calls in order to identify terrorists, poses a real threat to privacy. Preview […]

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Leftist Guardian to Any Global Warming Skeptic: Shut Up — Jim Lakely


The Australian edition of The Guardian — probably the most hard-left of the lefty daily newspapers in the English-speaking world — published a story Thursday about how Attorney General George Brandis stood up for skeptics of the theory of man-caused, catastrophic global warming.

Brandis is not a skeptic himself. He believes in man-caused, catastrophic global warming, but he also believes in liberty. So he gave a “passionate” speech in which he said it was “deplorable” that skeptics are being excluded from the climate change debate. People who say the “science is settled,” Brandis said, are “ignorant” and “medieval.” He did all but call the climate alarmists in Australia’s government fascists.

My Vox Resume — Frank Soto


Ezra Klein’s new website Vox has been the subject of a great deal of mockery on the right (and even some on the left). The site claims to be able to teach you “Everything you need to know” about a wide range of topics.

Critics have asked Klein how he determines what people “need” to know, in the vain hope of getting an answer aside from naked partisan hackery. His response appears to be that he goes only where the empirical data takes him … which is naturally down a path of unbridled leftism. We conservatives apparently allow our pre-conceived notions to interfere with our interpretation of facts. Liberals naturally do not suffer from this affliction.

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News organizations have forsaken traditional reporting in favor of recycling emotions In the entertainment industry the calendar is askew. Because of how long it takes to turn a project around Christmas comes to the mind of the writer in July, to the actors in late August or early September and to the film editors in […]

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This is rich.  The article entitled “Fact-checking journalism gains momentum” almost made me spew my coffee this morning.  I couldn’t get past the first line: Journalists have always faced up to facts, but a new wave of fact-checking journalism has gained prominence in the past decade to counter misleading or outrageous claims of political figures. Preview […]

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Robert Thomson Offers a Glimpse of Things to Come


Interviewing him for Uncommon Knowledge, I served up several questions in a row that all but begged Robert Thomson, chief executive officer of News Corp —which owns the Wall Street Journal, the Times of London, and more than 150 other newspapers — to weep and moan about the way technology has squeezed the profits out of journalism.

Thomson wouldn’t bite.

MSNBC, CNN in Race to the Bottom — Jon Gabriel


“MSNBC is in serious trouble.” That according to Dylan Byers, Politico’s left-leaning media reporter and regular critic of Fox News.

The Peacock Network’s crazy uncle in the attic has struggled to find a voice ever since Bush left office and Obama’s halo began to fade. Shockingly, MSNBC’s obsessions with racial insults, ritualistic Palin hate and New Jersey traffic reports have not translated to ratings or revenue.