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Winning by Losing


We’re in a period of political upheaval, and it’s been brewing for decades. That much is obvious to Americans. It is also a growing global phenomenon.

There are scores of examples that the mainstream media largely ignores. The recent uprising in Sri Lanka was spurred by harsh “green energy” policies that toppled a government. The farmer uprising in The Netherlands, Europe’s largest exporter of food, over similar green energy policies. In all, dozens of protests from Spain to Canada over various Covid-related and “climate change” diktats continue to fester.

Tale of Two Tacos … err, Hispanic Congresswomen


First Lady Dr. Jill Biden (I’m required to include both titles, apparently) was insensitive but not entirely wrong about the diversity of the Hispanic community in her recent sophomoric speech in San Antonio.

And apparently, San Antonio is known for its breakfast tacos. That was news to me. My Hispanic wife’s family has deep roots in San Antonio, but we’re more about pilgrimages to the San Fernando Cathedral, where her parents were married and the ashes of the heroes who died in Santa Anna’s 1836 attack at the Alamo are still interred (my wife’s ancestors fought on the winning side of that battle). And also – especially – the iconic Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery, the best Mexican restaurant in town. It’s open 24 hours and almost always crowded. I miss the long-gone economy boot store.

‘Fort Pelosi’ Hits Rock Bottom


As an 18-year-old high school graduate a couple of weeks from starting college, I remember holding the microphone from my cassette recorder to my parent’s stereo in our small Oklahoma town to record President Richard Nixon’s August 8 resignation address to the nation.

Afterward, I stepped outside our home’s front door, gazing upward towards the cloudless blue sky on a beautiful summer evening to let the history of that moment settle in. I still have that cassette tape. I can still quote key phrases from the speech from memory. I had just made my first trip to Washington a month earlier, on my way to Canada as part of an International Air Cadet Exchange Program. I’d seen how the final throes of Watergate had gripped the nation’s capital. Tumultuous times.