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The Sad Saga of Max Boot


I worked with Max Boot at Commentary Magazine for a few years, not in the office and not directly, but I would promote his work when it appeared on our blog. I would always joke (but not really joke) that there was never a war that Max Boot didn’t want to start. Boot’s work was the only material on the blog I consistently disagreed with and disliked, in large part because it was so trigger-happy.

It’s been strange watching Boot’s evolution into just another “woke” newspaper columnist; his shtick is so tired by now, what exactly does he offer?

Max Boot Was Clearly Correct


As many of you know, Max Boot was among those calling for Republicans to elect Democrat Representatives, because Orange Man bad. I am, personally, shocked at how many of you people could not, or would not, see the faultless logic of this plan.

Clearly, the way to fight back against the mean, racist bully Trump is to vote for the party that embraces political violence, is devoutly committed to letting mothers murder their children, and is now openly, proudly racist.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see the Libertarian candidate drop out of the Montana U.S. Senate race and endorse GOP nominee Matt Rosendale against Democratic Sen. Jon Tester.  They also roll their eyes as “former Republican” Max Boot urges Americans to vote for Democrats in every single race as the the only way to send a message to President Trump and rescue the Republican Party.  And they greatly enjoy Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren asserting she had no idea she was the subject of an ethics complaint for how she conducted fundraising off the Kavanaugh hearings.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are more than happy to run against a Democratic Party that is now embracing socialism, and they worry that young people don’t understand socialism or its history.  They shake their heads at “conservative” Max Boot, who wrote for the Washington Post that he wants Democrats to win control of Congress in the midterm elections.  And they take aim at Vox for it’s absurd column suggesting the American Revolution was a “monumental mistake.”

Strategika Podcast: Max Boot on America’s Future in Afghanistan


In a new installment of the Hoover Institution’s Strategika Podcast, I talked to the Council on Foreign Relations’ Max Boot about the prospects for Afghanistan once the vast majority of American troops leave later this year.

Is the country’s reputation as the “graveyard of empires” deserved? Was it inevitable that Hamid Karzai would succumb to corruption? How does Max judge the Obama Administration’s efforts in the country? And is there a chance that Afghanistan could reach an equilibrium tolerable to the United States after the departure of our troops? Those are some of the issues we discuss here.