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Jim & Greg cheer on the Cubans taking to the streets to demand their freedom, despite the very real threat of punishment from the government. They also shake their heads at a new Wall Street Journal report showing the massive amount of debt Master’s degree students are piling up and then not getting the lucrative jobs they dreamed about. And they get a kick out of Vice President Kamala Harris being reluctant to support voter ID requirements because she believes Americans in rural areas don’t have access to photocopiers.!

I Woke This Morning to Watch the Now-Woke 85th Masters Tournament


While waiting for my soccer games to start this morning, and getting in trouble on social media, I had the Gold Channel turned on in the background to hear coverage of the Masters Tournament preview. I have precious few sports I can watch without being subjected to the by now ever-increasing leftist commentary from the announcers, thereby ruining my viewing experience.

So I was taken aback by this exchange between two of the announcers discussing the progress of the golfer Cameron Champ, who is an American professional golfer. Wikipedia notes that he is of mixed black and white descent, that his father is biracial (black and white) while his mother is white.

Jim is back! Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for speaking the truth about the new Georgia elections bill and contrasting it with the hyperbolic lies of the left. They also examine the bizarre effort of what Jim calls the “Democrat outrage complex” to get the Major League All-Star Game moved from Atlanta. And they welcome the news the Democrats are no longer trying to steal an Iowa congressional seat but the excuse for giving up the effort is truly pathetic.