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So—-at the recommendation of one of my favorite Rico-Gun-Nuts, I’m reading John R. Lott, Jr.’s More Guns, Less Crime. Terrible title, by the way. It makes a very densely argued, scholarly book sound like a screed, which make the anti-gun ad hominem attacks easier. Never mind: I’m learning a lot. Still, I want to be sure […]

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Obama on Oregon Shooting: ‘This Is Something We Should Politicize’


Obama-Umpquah-ShootingPresident Obama delivered an angry statement on the Thursday shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR. “Each time we see one of these mass shootings,” he said from the White House briefing room podium, “our thoughts and prayers are not enough.

In a 15-minute statement, Obama stressed that the US is “the only advanced country on Earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every couple of months.” He praised the gun control efforts in Australia, a nation that conducted a mass confiscation of firearms from its citizenry.

The President repeatedly complained about the Republican-led Congress and gun rights advocates. “There is a gun for roughly every man, woman, and child in America,” he said, “so how can you with a straight face say more guns will make us safer?”