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Quote of the Day: Just a Tool


“Masks are a tool, useful in the right application. They’ve become a political fetish object for reasons that have nothing to do with their utility.” Prof. Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds

I never expected to hear this much debate over masks outside of a superhero comic convention. Posts here bounce back and forth between people who wear masks and those who oppose them. Then you have people who are constantly watching for someone to not wear their mask. It’s no longer just a layer of absorbent material worn over the nose and mouth, it is a symbol of fighting against the pandemic — a literal virtue signal.

Commentary on a Comment


I tend to wear a mask in public for consideration reasons, not a political statement. I don’t believe they are a necessity; but at the moment, I wear one to help others feel more comfortable. [emphasis mine]

I pulled this part of a comment from another “mask” thread, because it is a concept that I learned something about in my psychology training (Masters degree). In order to “help others feel more comfortable”, you need to be able to read other peoples’ minds. You need to know which others are uncomfortable, and what you have to do to make them feel comfortable. Since mind-reading is impossible, so far, it is next to impossible to know what makes anyone else uncomfortable. In sum, you are not, and cannot be, responsible for someone else’s feelings. Just like in the case of “harassment”, where you are expected to know which words will make a passerby uncomfortable (impossible!), so you say nothing to make sure you don’t offend anyone (especially when the concept of “third party harassment” is an actual thing that may prompt a lawsuit). Since I cannot know what makes someone else uncomfortable, I can’t behave so as to make them comfortable.