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Lockdowns, Mask, and Vaccine Mandates: Coming Soon


We knew this was coming: a new rise in Covid-19 and a new variant has sent people into a panic. The medical establishment is putting out warnings, the government is likely going to fund a new vaccine, and people are becoming anxious and fearful that a new pandemic is around the corner. There has even been evidence that mild Covid causes brain damage, according to Dr. Clarissa Yasuda:

‘Our findings are concerning, as even people with a mild case of COVID-19 are showing changes in their brains months later. More studies are needed to hopefully identify treatments to prevent any long-term effects on people’s quality of life,’ she added.

To understand this, the researchers studied 254 people who had a mild COVID-19 infection. On average, the patients were 41 years old and had COVID-19 three months earlier.

Federalist Radio Hour Host Emily Jashinsky is in for Jim today. Emily and Greg start by dissecting the left’s full meltdown over Twitter suspending several journalists on the left for violating the new doxxing rules. They also discuss the impact Twitter has in exposing media bias and whether Elon Musk’s actions break his pledge to champion free speech. They’re also furious as Philadelphia public schools plan to impose a mask mandate on students when they return in January just as the damage done to poor and minority students in California from being out of school becomes clearer. Finally, they wonder what exactly Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg does following reports he was vacationing in Portugal just a week before the nation was threatened with an economy-crippling railroad strike.

What Happened To My Mask Mandate?


God has taken your mask mandate to live with Him in heaven: it’s a very special place where wars and diseases and billionaires don’t exist, only contentment. I’m sure you’ve experienced some wondrous places – on vacation in Costa Rica, watching Netflix or listening to NPR – but heaven is a gazillion times more joyous than even downtown Portland or Minneapolis. John Lewis and Woodrow Wilson live in heaven and so do Maya Angelou and George Floyd. Your mask mandate will be safe and happy in heaven forever, and God will always take care of it.

You can still wear a mask – you will always be able to wear a mask – but you can’t force anyone else to wear one, not ever. That probably sounds pretty harsh. One day you’re relishing the satisfaction that comes from imposing your militant risk aversion on people who don’t share your assessment and the next day you wake up to find freedom of choice is the order of the day. Maybe you got a bad feeling in your stomach or a feeling of emptiness or maybe you have those feelings still. You loved your mask mandate very, very much and you did not want God to take it away.

Your feelings are perfectly normal and natural – they are the way God made you – but God took your mask mandate in accordance with His wonderful plan, which is beyond our understanding. You must trust and have faith that He loves your mask mandate just as He loves you or Medicare For All. Someday, a very, very long time from now, after you have lived a very long and happy life with the Green New Deal, God will take you to live with Him in heaven, too. Then you will understand.

About Breaking Rules


The people who set the legal speed limits on our highways and byways are, presumably, experts. They are familiar with the various correlations between traffic speed, traffic density, accident rates, and accident fatalities. They have a wealth of data to draw upon, since Americans drive literally trillions of miles each year and we’ve been monitoring traffic fatalities for decades. So, assuming they aren’t simply diversity hires, our traffic engineers probably know a thing or two about speed limits and safety.

Despite all that, some significant number of my fellow Americans seem quite willing to exceed the legally posted speed limits. I’ve seen them do it, so I know this is true. I’ve watched drivers run just a couple of miles over. I’ve watched drivers set their cruise controls a full nine miles over the speed the experts have determined to be right and proper.

The Logic of Forever COVID


With summer turning to autumn, the local paper of ill repute is warning of a “twindemic”:

The one thing [epidemiologists] fear is the possibility that the flu could spiral out of control this winter and if COVID does the same, doctors could be dealing with a “twindemic.” A twindemic is a situation where there are two pandemics or epidemics going on at the same time, such as the flu and COVID-19.

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Ray and I spent yesterday afternoon at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.  We got sore feet, lots of sun, and some great sausage sandwiches and strawberry lemonade.  I took lots of pictures and video, which I have posted on my personal blog (story Here), and at my Rumble site.  As a taste, this is […]

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On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Laura Zorc, director of education reform at FreedomWorks and executive director at Building Education for Students Together, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how parents can mobilize to hold their school boards accountable for allowing racist curriculum, radical gender theory, and politically motivated mask mandates in classrooms.

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Below is a post I put on my blog for publication to my constituents: Last week the board for my local school district met and the main topic on the agenda was the matter of whether students, teachers and staff would be required to wear masks. The board gave a great deal of time to […]

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‘We Have Never and Will Never Co-parent with the Government’


The MacIver Institute has published a story on an open letter titled “38 Wisconsin Parent Groups Reject Lockdowns and Forced Masking in Open Letter to President Biden and WI Governor Evers.”

An open letter, signed by 38 Wisconsin parent groups, was delivered on Friday to Governor Tony Evers and President Joe Biden. Their letter announces that the parents outright reject and will fight any future mask mandate or lockdown forced on their children. The groups represent over 20,000 families in Wisconsin. (Emphasis bolded.)

Customer Service


“Why don’t we go to Costco anymore?” my son asked me as I pulled into the local grocery store parking lot.

I snapped a reply, “Because they don’t care about their customers anymore.”

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We hear daily reports of the number of people who have died with Covid-19. We have imposed enormous damage on people and on society in the name of preventing deaths due to Covid-19. Is there any actual evidence that deaths have truly been prevented? How would we know if our program of closing businesses, closing social […]

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On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Indiana’s outgoing Attorney General Curtis Hill joins Executive Editor Joy Pullmann to discuss the effect of state governors who ignored perpetual lockdowns and unconstitutional mask mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Faced with the need to Do Something! about rising COVID cases, Maine governor Janet Mills has indeed done something: On Thursday, Gov. Janet Mills issued a new executive order requiring people to wear face coverings in public regardless of the ability to maintain physical distancing. . . . The order requires people to wear a […]

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