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The Atonement of Trump


I watched our former president, Donald Trump, arrive at the courthouse in Manhattan, NY, to be arraigned for committing a supposed crime. None of the news networks were clear then on the charges, but they commented how sad this day was and likened him to Nixon and O.J., as the aerial shots followed the motorcade – a ridiculous comparison and how odd they all mouthed the same thing.  They weren’t sad at seeing a president hauled to court for the first time in history, but that he brought yet more shame on our country.

I had never heard of Attorney Alvin Bragg, the prosecutor in this case, until this moment. I don’t think anyone did unless they were from New York. Here are some interesting facts about him and his record, including the downgrading of criminal offenses in New York:

On January 4, 2022, after three days in office, he announced that his office would no longer prosecute low-level offenses such as fare evasion, resisting arrest, prostitution, and cannabis-related misdemeanors unless accompanied by a felony charge. He also decided to seek lesser charges for burglaries and store robberies where the offender “displays a dangerous instrument but does not create a genuine risk of physical harm”.

Why Leftist Jews Distrust Evangelical Christians


When I was attending Cal State Long Beach, I remember one lunchtime when I was approached in the cafeteria by a young man. I don’t remember exactly what he asked me, but I know it had to do with Jesus, and I was immediately put off. I had spent most of my growing up years feeling like an outsider (as a Jew) and a heretic (for not accepting Jesus), and I brusquely rejected his inquiry. He politely walked away, but his unsolicited inquiry has stayed with me.

But my perspective towards Christians in general and Evangelicals specifically has changed dramatically. Due to the communities with which I socialize and my limited but sincere practice of Judaism, coupled with my curiosity about religions, I welcome input from my Christian friends and have found them to be very kind (except for one Ricochetee who believed that the Jewish religion was no longer relevant). So, I thought I might benefit from learning the nature of the relationship between Jews and Evangelicals, the complexity and diversity of those relationships, and how we might all benefit from knowing each other better.

By beginning with the Jews on the political Left, we can see the most current reasons for Jews rejecting and distrusting Christians:

Pastoral Failure or Council of the Wicked?


John Paul II and FrancisPope Francis is no John Paul II. This past weekend, an image of Pope Francis with Nancy Pelosi called to mind a famous image of Pope John Paul II with a Nicaraguan priest and Daniel Ortega. Ernesto Cardenal was a Roman Catholic priest serving as the minister of culture in the Marxist government. He and the dictator in designer glasses, Daniel Ortega, expected a great visual as they welcomed the Pope on the tarmac. Nancy Pelosi expected the same from Pope Francis. History did not repeat itself, and this pope appears to be steadily undoing the work and teaching of his prominent predecessor.

Not only was Ernesto Cardenal wrapping up Marxism in priests’ robes, he was part of a small group of leftist clerics who were collaborating with Ortega in the Sandinista government’s suppression of the official Catholic leadership. Pope John Paul II invoked “dark ages,” referring to the anticlericalism of the Mexican Revolution and other leftist Latin American movements earlier in the 2oth century. In this context, John Paul confronted the errant priest and the priest’s real boss, the dictator in designer sunglasses.

When confronted with the subversion of sound Christian doctrine by socialists, appending “liberation” to “theology,” John Paul responded forcefully both in official writings and in his wise use of the media. He avoided giving the Sandinistas and their heretical pet priest a world media victory, instead generating an unmistakable photographic image of the Church rejecting liberation theology. Caring about a priest, or any other member of the body, who has persistently strayed and refuses correction, means more than another gentle conversation.

Socialist Birds of a Feather [with a new postscript]


BLM supports cop killerThe people’s protests against the socialist regime running Cuba prompted American socialists to flock to the defense of the Cuban Commies. Among these were the Black Lives Matter Foundation, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), DSA’s superstar AOC, and Bernie Sanders. In so doing, they carried on the disgraceful precedent of the Congressional Black [except for Republicans] Caucus.

Go back to 2009, early in President Obama’s first term. The Congressional Black Caucus took a fact-finding junket to Cuba, where they not only fawned on Fidel but also ignored, covered up by their silence, the plight of black Afro-Cuban prisoners, jailed and abused by the much lighter-skinned regime leaders of European ancestry. The Congressional Black Caucus helped the racist Castro regime with their positive video appearances and quotes.

[T]he Stalinist regime that jailed and tortured the longest suffering black political prisoner in modern history (Eusebio Penalver) rolled out the red carpet for six gullible  members of the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus. All of these U.S. legislators met with “President” Raul Castro while a lucky three secured back-stage passes to meet Fidel himself.

It’s Not About Socialism; It’s About Total Destruction (But There’s Hope)


In the past few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Socialists, Marxists and Communists in our country; they are, after all, the loudest voices attacking the origins and foundations of our Republic. On further reflection, I’m beginning to wonder if the majority of people who appear to support these “revolutionaries” genuinely care about their purported plans for transformation. In fact, I’m quite sure they have no idea how these ideologies will be implemented or the effects they will have on their lives. So, what are all those people who are supporting these radical changes to our country actually unintentionally supporting?

Total and complete destruction of the United States. And they are not yet consciously aware that their actions (or lack thereof) will take them in this direction. Let me explain.

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My Bible tells me to love my neighbor as myself. I follow that as best as I can. I do not hate others. But I do not think that love means approval of whatever another wants to do. Sometimes approval ought to be withheld because it would countenance wrongdoing. I contend that saying that something […]

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Is any of this real?  The things that have happened in the last week, two weeks, two months, the last year, the last four years?  Have these things really happened in America?  I find myself in a weird hybrid state of bafflement and rage, tiptoeing, shell-shocked, through the moral, political and spiritual wreckage of a […]

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The Religious War to Come


Jamie stood outside the door of the conference room. He knew the group had already been waiting 15 minutes for him, but they were accustomed to his tardiness. The time had arrived to make the big announcement and he was fully prepared. Whether they were ready or not, they’d have to step up.

He opened the door and walked in. The conference room was modest in size, and the table where all six board members sat was full. Everyone was there. He smiled inwardly as he quickly reviewed their roles. They thought they were there to represent gay, lesbian, black, Hispanic, feminist and trans communities; the only reason they were actually there was because they were rich. He cleared his throat and stood at his end of the table.

The Best Articles I Read in 2020


Here at the end of 2020, I’m trying to close up a number of tabs I have open on my browser. Many of them are articles, and of that number I’m certain several were suggested or linked to by fellow Ricochet members, mentioned in podcasts, or discovered through searches prompted by Ricochet discussions. I was originally going to say “The 10 Best Articles…”, but the list is more than ten articles and I’m sure I’m forgetting some additional ones that I read months ago…it’s been a long year.

For this post I loosely define “the best” articles as those that challenged my thinking on an issue, were educational, were unexpected or deservedly scandalous, courageously broke with prevailing current narratives, or discussed an important topic otherwise ignored or forgotten. I’m not going to say which characteristic applies to which article as I’m trying to keep this post relatively brief, and each article could form the foundation of a post and become fertile ground for discussion. Some of the articles were written in years prior to 2020, but I just got around to reading them this year and they were either prophetic or remain pertinent to current events. Grouped with some of the articles I have read, I’m also listing what I’m going to read next in regard to that topic. These will have “to be read” in parentheses next to them.

Cultural Marxism’s Origins: How the Disciples of an Obscure Italian Linguist Subverted America


You may have heard the terms “Cultural Marxism,” “Critical Theory” or “Frankfurt School” bandied about. And while you might have an intuitive approximation of what these terms mean for America in the 21st century, there’s a good chance that you don’t know much about the deep theory, where the ideology comes from, and what it has planned for America – and the world.

The underlying theory here is a variant of Marxism, pioneered by early-20th-century Italian Marxist politician and linguist Antonio Gramsci. Gramscian Marxism is a radical departure from Classical Marxism. One does not need to endorse the Classical Marxism of Marx, Engels and others to appreciate the significant differences between the two. He is easily the most influential thinker that you have never heard of.

Marx’s original idea was that Communism was a historical inevitability, an evolutionary transition that would lead to a bottom-up eruption of revolutionary violence sparked by the Proletariat’s frustration and fury over having been used and abused by the Bourgeoisie for long enough that “the revolutionary subject” (Marx’s term for the broad working class) would overthrow capitalism and usher in socialism.

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Fr Chad Ripperger has recorded close to 3 hours of lectures on the similarities between Marxists and Demons. If you have that nagging feeling that 2020 isn’t like 2016, you’re not alone. Note: As the lectures are PenanceWare, a disclaimer at the end of each lecture warns against video embedding on host websites and asks […]

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https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/10/give_me_liberty_not_marxism.html The miscreants behind the veil of the Democrat Party are evil progressives, power-crazed and self-deluded.  They are the most dangerous types of radicals who promise to redistribute America’s wealth to their liking and will use the strong arm of government to realize their will — a true Marxist strategy. Preview Open

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Just over forty five years ago, on September 18th, 1975, many of the remaining members of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), Bill Harris (a.k.a. Teko), Emily Harris (a.k.a. Yolanda), Steven Soliah, Wendy Yoshimura, and Patty Hearst (a.k.a. Tania), were arrested in San Francisco and Oakland, California. The kidnapping and radicalization of Patty Hearst by the […]

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The Oprah Conversation: “Racist!”


Let’s have a conversation about race, shall we?  Because Oprah wants us to.  Like on her new Apple TV show, “The Oprah Conversation,” the first episode of which was entitled “How To Be Anti-Racist” (because simply not being racist isn’t good enough).  But be forewarned, white people.  It is necessarily going to be a tad one-sided.  That’s because the fundamental premise of any conversation with you about race is going to be that, well, you are just . . . no . . . damn . . . good.  Alrighty?  Let’s do it then.

Let’s talk about white racism, “white privilege,” “white advantage,” the “white power structure,” “whiteness,” and “white” this and “white” that and nothing but white, white, white, until if you hear the word “white” used in a derogatory way one more time, you’re just going to . . .

Marxist Wokism: The Christian Heresy


In my pastor’s sermon today, he talked about America being a pagan and post-Christian society. I certainly agree that we are in a post-Christian one, but “pagan” is not the right term.

Pagan societies, at least the ones we know about, have a few shared characteristics. They were self-perpetuating as societies; that is, they created an ethos that promoted families (even the ones that practiced child sacrifice and exposing infants still made sure they had enough children for a stable population), protected private property (don’t buy the “Native Americans didn’t understand land ownership” fraud), and inculcated respect for order, authority, and defending the tribe/polis/empire. They had, in other words, the virtues necessary to survive.

Patriotic Americans Need to Boycott Professional Sports


Several days ago I posted “Professional Sports: Purveyors of Cultural Marxism.” It was about the need for patriotic Americans to boycott professional sports since they’re all on board with the lie of “systemic racism” and trying to shove it down our throats. Well, you can scratch soccer and golf off your list too.

Here’s an article about soccer players taking a knee, getting booed by the few fans who were there and the cluelessness of one of the players who was absolutely baffled by why the fans would do that.  The player, Reggie Cannon, put it this way:  “We had someone chanting U.S.A., but they don’t understand what kneeling means . . . .  They can’t see the reason. They think we’re the ignorant ones. It’s incredibly frustrating. I’m sorry to have this tone, but you have to call it for what it is.”

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You know things are bad when you look back fondly on the Obama years as the good old days.  Sure, it was on his watch that race relations did a one-eighty, the White House glowed in the rainbow colors and most of us were depicted as bitter clingers.  But still, nobody back then would have […]

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BLM Is a Marxist, Racist Fraud


They claim to be fighting for “social justice,” “black liberation,” and “black sovereignty.” Although it’s unclear how we would know when those goals are met, they promise to “burn down the system” if they don’t achieve success. But black Americans already enjoy full legal equality and civil rights protected by law. Polls reveal that police are well regarded by 70 percent of minority community members. Charges of excessive black deaths at the hands of police have been statistically debunked many times.

So what’s really going on here? BLM was founded by proud Marxists with the avowed intent of spreading Marxist ideology. In a 2015 interview, co-founder Patrice Cullors broke the code, stating “myself and Alicia [Garza] in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.” Nothing said or done since would provide cause for doubt.

Many well-intentioned Americans buy the notion that BLM is a populist movement dedicated to combatting police brutality against blacks and promoting the welfare of the black underclass. But Marxism is an ideology devoted to the destruction of democratic capitalism and the eventual triumph of the proletariat.