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ACF#30: Taxi Driver


New episode! Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, which earned Robert de Niro another Oscar nomination right after winning for Godfather: Part II. Another ’70s political crisis story, another timely examination of individualism. Travis Bickle is a man who learns how corrupt society can become and we learn how he goes insane. So join my friend John Presnall and me for a ride through the nightmare that was ’70s New York City and let’s look at respectability, madness, and evil in America!

ACF Middlebrow #6: Paul Rahe


The ACF Middlebrow podcast continues with Hillsdale Professor Paul Rahe! We discuss the film he most assigns in class, Coppola and Puzo’s The Godfather, and the perfect introduction for young American college students to the study of different regimes, ancient and modern. We answer the question: How did the Martin Scorsese movie Silence inspire the professor to think about Western politics and the dichotomy between Caesar and Christ? Listen, comment, and share, folks! Please review & rate us on iTunes!